How Do You Play Bingo With Friends Online?

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When it comes to playing bingo with friends online (also known as virtual bingo), you first need RNG (Random Number Generator) software and an idea of how many people are playing.

Virtual bingo can be a fun way of playing, knowing that it is just you and your friends, which means that you can make this a very sociable occasion.

In addition, this is a lot easier than it may seem because the free software does all of the work for you. As well as generating the numbers randomly, each player is assigned a randomly generated bingo card with their unique ID on it.

There are many free sites available where you can download the required bingo software, though many differ slightly in terms of the format. However, the principle is still the same and doesn’t change how the game works.

How Do You Play Bingo With Friends Online

How Does The Concept Work?

Once you have established how many friends will be playing and have your bingo software, there are only a few more quick things to sort out.

Firstly, you need to decide what platform you play on, with Zoom being particularly popular, though this only allows for 45 minutes of free sessions, which is excellent if you are playing just a couple of games. However, you can simply keep switching Zoom hosts once your time runs out.

The best idea then is for the Zoom host to be the bingo caller. Here you can have some fun and incorporate all of the different bingo calls, such as ‘two little ducks’ (22) or ‘knock on the door’ (4)’.

Another way of making it more interesting is if you play for something. This could be that the winner decides on a charity of their choice that their friends have to donate an ‘x’ amount of money to.


Decide Which Bingo Game You Play

Most random number generators for bingo will cater for multiple bingo games; you simply have to enter how many numbers you want to generate.

The best thing to do here is put it down to vote where everyone decides because you can either play 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball or 30-ball bingo; however, 90-ball is the most common and the one that most people are likely to be familiar with.

If people have conflicting opinions, one solution could be that you play one game of each. You never know; some people might be pleasantly surprised by a game that they initially did not want to play.

It is worth making sure that everyone knows the rules, so before you start, it is recommended that you go through them or send people a copy of them. Then, find out if anyone has any questions about how the game works – after all, it is a game among friends!

For most bingo software, after each game, a player’s bingo card is simply reset, and new numbers are provided, so you do not have to worry about downloading more software.


How Do You Change Bingo Callers?

If you change hosts during your session, the next person will have to download a random number generator so that they have access to the numbers that are being called out.

This should not delay the game’s progress too much – players can chat among themselves while they wait for the change of host. It can also be an excellent opportunity to refresh people about the rules of the game as well or reassure them to put their concerns at ease.

Essentially, having someone who acts as a moderator or fulfils the role of a support agent that you would find at a bingo site could prove to be an effective idea.


When Should You Play Bingo With Friends Online?

A good time to do this could be on an evening after work, or a weekend, however, it can also be a good idea to do this for special occasions, such as a friend’s birthday, if you know that there is one who likes to play bingo.

Also, if you have a friend who is travelling the world, this could be a fun way to catch up and/or surprise them, with everyone contributing to the experience.

One of the most important things to remember about this (especially if you are the host) is to ensure that you have a stable internet connection because this could cause problems. Even more important is if you have competitive friends!

Ultimately playing bingo with friends online is easy – simply download random number generator software and go from there. Oh, and remember to have fun!


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