At BingoSites we take responsible gambling very seriously. If you feel that you or anyone you know is at risk from gambling, there are steps that you can take to make sure that you get the help and advice that you need.

We also only work with online bingo sites, which also have strict responsible gambling policies and that are of course, regulated and approved by a gambling commission.

If you feel like you have a problem with gambling while you are on this site, or that you feel that you might be developing one, we advise that you click off it. What you will find on this page are a number of links to organisations which can give you the appropriate help as well as information on how can identify and stop addictive gambling.

Being able to identify a gambling addiction early

It has never been easier to sign up to online gambling, with operators only requiring a credit or debit card from you and, as a result, it means that the temptation is always there. With it being even more convenient, due to mobile access, the number of problem gamblers has increased considerably over the last few years, some of who have addictions which spiralled out of control.

While it doesn’t mean that all people who gamble are at risk, or indeed have a compulsive addiction. However, there are some signs which can provide clues as to whether you or a friend has a gambling addiction.

These include the amount of time and money that you or friend spends gambling on a daily or even weekly basis, whether or not you find that you lie about gambling, or recognise that a friend lies about it.

Quite often, as addiction worsens, so will you or a person’s state of being. This could vary from mood swings, eating disorders, sleep deprivation and potential self-harm, and you should seek help immediately. Or, if you spot this in someone else encourage them to get help themselves.

Getting the right help for an addiction to gambling

If you are satisfied that you have identified any of the above signs in someone you know, one of the most important things is that you try and get them to open up about their problem, being supportive and without judging. Addiction is an illness and should be treated empathetically.

Make them aware that you are there for and want to help them get better. Ensuring that they know there is always an option plays an important part in their recovery. Generally, most gamblers will have accumulated debt which has or is beginning to become uncontrollable. Getting a problem gambler to open up and admit that they have an addiction is a crucial part of the process. Once everything is out in the open, closing all gambling accounts should be the next priority and also deleting any mobile gambling apps, which immediately removes the temptation to gamble.

The ultimate step is to ensure that you or your friend gets the help to deal with their addiction to make sure that they understand why they gambled in the first place and at what point they felt it became a problem. Below are links to several highly reputable websites which can help: ->

Telephone Number: 0808 8020 133

The ‘Be Gamble Aware’ logo is listed on every approved gambling website and the organisation plays an important role in helping addicts to get the help that they need. It is a charity which funds research, education and treatment services so that addicts can aid their recovery.

Email Address: [email protected]

Gamblers Anonymous meetings take place in a number of locations around the UK, which encourage addicts to open up about their problems and give emotional support to each other.

Telephone Number: 0808 8020 133

Gamcare is a well-established provider of information, advice and free care for anyone who has been affected by gambling. With a number of resources readily available from online, secure chat rooms and a series of workbooks, gambling addicts can often find the help that they need here.

Ensuring that gambling addiction can be prevented

Understanding the seriousness and negative effects that can be caused by gambling is something that will help you ascertain the reason why you want to gamble in the first place. One of the main reasons gambling addicts participate in gambling is usually to gain a serious financial advantage and as a result, they will keep chasing it until it is too late.

Financial reward should never be the reason why you gamble and because of this, you should never gamble with anything that you cannot afford to lose. Even if it is for a form of entertainment or a one-off, the best thing to do is set a limit that you feel comfortable losing.

Also, and what many people don’t do, is decide on a limit for your level of winnings to then stop and cash out. Most addicts will usually spend their winnings to chase a bigger jackpot and this can eventually lead to serious problems.

Most operators and also a lot of the games will allow you to set a wagering limit so that you can gamble responsibly and keep your gambling activity under control.

Finding out whether you have a gambling addiction

Quite often, most gambling addicts are ashamed of their problem and like to remain anonymous, so in order to help, responsible gambling organisations have tools for gamblers to check whether they have an addiction without having to reveal who they are.

For example, GamCare has a test for self-assessment where you don’t have to register. The only details that are required are age and information about the type of games that you play. While it may be easy to deceive or not provide the full picture, the only person that you’re to is yourself and, as such, you could be at serious risk of making things worse.