What Does Blackout Bingo Mean?

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There are many different terms in online bingo that you should get acquainted with, though ‘blackout bingo’ is another term for a ‘full house’ where all of your numbers get ticked off on your grid and you effectively win the game.

Due to the randomness of bingo, the chances of achieving blackout bingo are slim but not impossible; there are so many factors involved.

Undoubtedly, one of the thrills that you get from playing bingo is that you know that anything can happen. If you are the first player to fill in one line (some bingo sites offer prizes for this), it usually means that you have given yourself a good chance of winning the game.

What Does Blackout Bingo Mean?


How Easy Is It To Get Blackout Bingo?

This depends on a number of things. One significant factor that can make a difference in contributing to blackout bingo is the number of cards that you have in play because this considerably reduces your odds.

Even then, though, you are still relying on the RNG (Random Number Generator), and anything can happen. Because there is no skill in playing bingo, and it is all luck, you should definitely not play bingo with the aim of achieving a blackout.


Can Any Theories Be Applied?

Several theories have been created for bingo by famous mathematicians that some of the most ardent players occasionally apply; however, again, there are no guarantees. Below we have explored a couple of the most well-known ones.


Tippet Theory

This is based on LHC Tippet’s theoretical creation that explores randomness in much more detail, specifically related to the game of bingo.

He theorised that if you are playing a bingo game with 90 possibilities (90-ball bingo), it means that the numbers drawn should be a lot nearer to the average (45 being the median number).

As a result, as time goes on, this theory states that numbers drawn should be a lot closer to 45 and one tactic for helping to improve your chances of a blackout is to buy tickets that have numbers close to 45 on them.


Granville Theory

Joseph Granville, most well-known as a financial analyst and writer, did most of his work for the financial markets, helping to predict stock performance. However, his bingo theory was based entirely on randomness.

He suggested that every number has an equal chance of being drawn, which means that bingo players should choose cards with a wide variety of numbers.

This means an equal range of high and low numbers, equal and odd numbers and as many numbers as possible that either end in 0 or 9.

While this again has no guarantee of winning for players, it is suggested that a game with fewer numbers, such as 75-ball bingo or 30-ball (Speed Bingo), may yield a more promising result.


Other Tactics To Help Achieve Blackout Bingo

As well as applying some of the theories, there are a number of other strategies that players can use from a more practical perspective to try and achieve blackout bingo; however, these do not guarantee results. Below we explore some of these.

  • Trying different bingo sites may give you a better chance because of a number of factors. First, there could be more favourable promotions on offer that provide you with free bingo games, for example, so you may not have to worry about staking anything.
  • Being smart about the time of day you play may mean fewer players in the game, which can considerably increase your chances of winning. For example, playing in the afternoon when people are at work or late evening when people are in bed may prove to be fruitful.
  • As touched on, having multiple cards in play at once can help to increase your odds of winning, especially if you still stand to make a good profit and also if not many other cards are in play. This could be a helpful tactic to apply if you play a game late at night when not many others are participating.
  • Playing a 75-ball or 80-ball bingo game means that there are fewer numbers to have to worry about, and as a result, this can significantly increase the chances of your numbers appearing. Even 30-ball bingo could be worth trying if the site offers this.


What Should I Do If I Get Blackout Bingo?

It is a pleasant surprise to get a full house while bingo; however, there are certain things that you should be aware of. First, for some players, it is a sign that this is the start of a lucky streak and therefore believe that the following few times that they play, they will win.

This mentality can be dangerous and lead to problems further down the line, such as gambling addiction, and some players end up chasing losses. Ultimately, the best thing that you can do is believe it for what it was – a bit of luck that is unlikely to repeat itself.

Every time you play bingo, quite simply, do not play it to win, but because you enjoy the occasion or some form of the game and what it gives you.

Although blackout bingo means to get a full house, it is very rare that this will happen for you – if ever.


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