What Is The Minimum Deposit On Tombola?

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Online bingo has many different variances, and one of these is minimum deposits – perhaps the most notable site in the UK market, Tombola, currently has a minimum deposit of £5.

There are many bingo sites in the industry, and all of them have different minimum deposit amounts. Some are £5, some £10, and it is not unheard of where you have special promotions where the minimum deposit is £20.

What Is The Minimum Deposit On Tombola

Why Is This A Good Minimum Deposit?

At £5, this is a respectable minimum deposit level because it will mean that, ultimately, you are getting a decent amount of value from your bingo experience.

Tombola, being one of the most premium bingo sites in the industry, has multiple games on offer several times every day and fantastic prizes, the best, or on par, at least with the other leading sites.

Currently, though, the Tombloa bingo site does have a number of welcome offers to choose from, each with different levels of minimum deposits; however, this does not change the fact that if you wish to make a £5 deposit, you are at perfect liberty to do so.


Does It Matter How Much You Deposit?

You should not feel obligated to deposit anything more than the minimum deposit level if you do not want to.

In addition to this, you should also not be compelled to sign up for Tombola via the welcome bonus. Instead, you can simply click on ‘join now’, and you will be directed through the registration stage.

Welcome bonuses have various degrees of wagering requirements at Tombola, which means you have to stake your deposit and bonus ‘x’ number of times before you can make a withdrawal on any winnings that you accumulate.


What Makes Tombola A Good Bingo Site?

With many positive factors going for it, Tombola is definitely worth exploring if you haven’t already. Below we take a look at some of the plus points that the site has.


Good Minimum Deposit

As we have already established, the £5 minimum deposit level gives you the freedom to enjoy playing the various games without breaking the bank. It is excellent if you are new to playing online bingo because it allows you to explore the different games and see what is available. Also, game entry fees vary, with some bingo tickets available for as little as 20p. You may even find some for 1p as well!


Wide Variety Of Games

Tombola is considered to be a leader in the online bingo industry and, as a result, has a wealth of different games to back this up. From 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball, 30 ball and even unique branded games available, you can guarantee that this is enough to get you more than acquainted with the game.


Well Designed Site

Boasting a clean appearance that is very user-friendly, this makes it a solid choice if you are a beginner. Everything is displayed clearly, and the navigation is exceptional, so you do not have to worry about not finding what you are looking for.


Fantastic Track Record

Having launched in the late nineties, this is one of the oldest bingo sites in the industry and has forged a respectable reputation over the years. It also has a large advertising budget behind it, which is a notable sign that it has a brilliant track record. It has since led to a takeover by arguably the most prominent online gambling conglomerate in the industry – Flutter Entertainment, who would not have acquired it if it did not do things properly.


Own Dedicated Bingo App

Perhaps one of the most significant plus points is that Tombola has its own bingo app, which makes things a lot easier for dedicated bingo players. Available on both Android and iOS devices via the respective app stores, this is fast to download, and you can enjoy a game within minutes.

The app has had a lot of investment committed to it, which is evident from the way it is designed and how it functions. Most online bingo brands do not have their own apps due to the expense that it takes to develop one, which is a clear indicator that Tombola takes its player experience very seriously.


How Many Bingo Games Can I Play With The Minimum Deposit?

There is not necessarily a correct answer to this because entry fees for bingo games vary, and this then tends to be reflected in the prize fund. Usually, the higher the entry fee, the bigger the prize, and often you will win a prize for getting one and then two lines. However, this may not be the case for bingo games that have a lower entry fee.

In theory, if you play as many games as possible for 1p, for example, this could keep you going for a long time – it is relatively risk-free, and it is unlikely you will need to deposit again for at least a few weeks, depending on how much you play on the site.


Do Other Bingo Sites Have A £5 Minimum Deposit?

You will find a number of bingo sites that have a minimum deposit level of just £5; however, these may all vary in many ways from Tombola.

Often, it is the more established brands that have a £5 minimum deposit because they already have the budget and have built up cash reserves over the years to enable them to offer this.

In addition, most of these sites will also have their own unique app, which, again, is very helpful for the player experience.

These sites also usually have a greater understanding of what bingo players expect, and they know that by offering a £5 minimum deposit, they are more likely to attract more new players to their sites.

Tombola Bingo, though, offers players a £5 minimum deposit, and if you are new to playing online bingo, this could be an effective way to get to the game a bit better!


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