As one of the most revered online bingo affiliate websites, you can have full confidence that we comply 100 percent with the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), whether you are a player or a partner site. Because of this, we adhere to a number of different legislation so that you know we are fully legitimate in our practices at all times. These include:

All of the information that we provide is both honest and accurate as we aim to make sure that every visitor can take value from our site and always ends up being more informed.

Terms & Conditions

We ensure that every offer and promotion that you come across on our website is free from any misleading jargon and is easy to understand. To make sure that there is no confusion, you can find all of the information about the terms and conditions, including wagering and deposit requirements.

All of the bonuses and promotions that we present on our website for you, are accompanied with the statement: “New Customer Offer. T&Cs Apply. 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly”, which helps to add further clarification.

We make sure at all times, that we are not misleading with regards to any offers or promotional material and that all terms and conditions are easily accessible and made obvious where they are for you to read!


If you receive an email from us, you will always know who it is from because our name will appear in the ‘from’ field. However, we do not collect email addresses, so you have no reason to be concerned about being part of any unsolicited outreach campaigns or part of a mailing list that you haven’t signed up for.

If you do contact us via our Contact Us page, you are required to fill in your email address into one of the fields. You can be confident though, that we will never use this email address to send any kind of marketing material to you and the only email contact from us will be our
reply to your query.

Advertising banners

Every banner that we use on our site is always completely up to date and goes through a strict due diligence process, so that can be sure that they are 100 percent accurate. This means that any branding or logos that are featured from other online bingo sites are the most recent, because some change every so often, while there are sometimes different versions of the branding all over the internet.

Social media

We don’t use social media as a way of trying to push bonuses to you, either organically or through paid campaigns, which means that you do not need to worry about compliance, whether you are a player or an operator.

Generally, we only use social media to inform you about changes in the industry and sharing any articles that we think may be of interest to you. We like to think of ourselves as somewhat of an authority in online bingo and we understand that there is more to your online bingo decision-making process, when choosing a bingo website, than just bonuses.

Push notifications

Unlike most operators, we do not use push notifications, so you do not have to worry about being contacted with any offers or promotions via this channel of communication.

Other types of promotion

Video promotions

You don’t have to worry about seeing any kind of marketing video on the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video sharing tool out there.


You will never be bothered with any kind of marketing or sales call from any of our representatives or sent any promotional material via text. Unless you specifically request a call when you make a query on the ‘Contact Us’ page, we will never contact you over the phone.

No paid advertising

We do not pay for advertising of any kind because we pride ourselves on being 100 percent organic, growing by word of mouth, based on providing a full, honest and comprehensive service to you.

When it comes to advertising or promotions we operate on a trust basis, building up a reputation by delivering good service to you, via the bingo site reviews on our website and because of this, we don’t engage in any outbound marketing. This includes paid social media adverts, paid Google adverts, email marketing campaigns, radio advertisements, television advertisements or even paid brand ambassadors who many operators use to help spread awareness by association about their business to boost customer acquisition.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that you have the best possible experience with us without feeling like you are being hassled.

Responsible Gambling

At Bingo Sites, we take responsible gambling very seriously and are fully supportive of anyone seeking help whether this be for yourself or someone that you know. As a result, we provide and dedicate an entire page to responsible gambling.

This covers, how to identify a gambling problem, what to do if you think you or someone that you know has a gambling problem, what signs to look out for in order to spot a gambling addiction, how to approach the gambling problem and also the resources that you can use, along with contact details and information about what each organisation does to help.

We also understand that responsible gambling can be a sensitive topic and that people do not like to admit when they have a problem or be identified. As a result, we will never contact you by any communication channel about information for responsible gambling.

We have an entire section on our website for this, while the, GamCare and gamblingtherapy links appear on the footer of every page. If you or anyone that you know feels like you have a gambling problem we advise you to seek immediate help, whether by telling someone or contacting one of the above organisations.