To the uninitiated, bingo might just look like a single game. The fact is this though: there are loads of different varieties out there, each of which is slightly – or significantly – different to the other. The main reason for the increase in bingo types is a simple one to pinpoint: it’s the explosion of the online bingo world, which has seen the different sites and software developers continually developing new and exciting online bingo games for players to enjoy.

This page will let you learn about some of the more popular bingo variations currently found online, plus it will also tell you much more, including how to play free bingo, and which games have the highest prizes. Then you simply have to head to one of our recommended bingo sites and start playing!

What Are the Different Types of Bingo Games?

There are loads of different games available to bingo fans, both in terms of desktop games and mobile bingo games – far too many to mention on a single page! The two main variations of the game though are 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. The former is more commonly found in the US, while the latter is seen at many a bingo hall in the UK. Both have pretty similar rules and game play, however the 90-ball version takes a little longer to play. 80-ball bingo has also recently become more popular in the UK, and as the name suggests, this game is played with 80 different numbers.

As you might expect though, the number of different types of games for those looking to playat an online bingo site is massive. You’ll be able to find titles such as Money Ball Bingo, Bonanza Bingo and Pattern Bingo, all of which have different rules, and ensure that there’s always something new for online bingo players to enjoy. Don’t think that the producers have stopped though, as they’ll continue to innovate for as long as the game of bingo can be played online!

Which Games Have the Biggest Prizes?

Aside from progressive jackpot games, which are covered in the next section, the games with the biggest jackpots are nearly always either 90-ball or 75-ball bingo. The reason for this is simple: they are the most popular forms of the game, so the higher number of players means that the prize pool gets much larger. Of course, more players also lowers your probability of winning though, so you’ll have to balance the potential prizes against the competition.

If you’re looking to buy some bingo cards and play for the highest jackpots around though, take a look through the next section…

Are There Any Progressive Bingo Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are the biggest jackpots around, as they keep on rising as more and more people play the game. You might think that they are only found at slots, however there’s some good news here: progressive jackpots are also found at online bingo sites! So, when you play at certain bingo games online, you’ll have the chance to win some huge amounts of money!

But how do these progressive jackpots work? Well, different games have different rules, however it’s generally the case that you’ll need to get a specific pattern on your bingo card, and within a certain number of balls being called. Manage to do this, and you could win a prize worth thousands of pounds!

It is Possible to Play Free Bingo?

Yes, it is certainly possible to play free bingo, and this can be done via two ways. Firstly, you can play bingo for free thanks to the free games offered by sites. Nearly all types of bingo can be played with play money, and this is so that players can practice, without having to risk losing any of their own cash. Some sites even allow their games to be played for free before you’ve even signed up with them.

The other way to play free bingo is via the many promotions on offer at bingo sites. Just as casino players get free spins, bingo players will often be given free tickets to games when they join up. These tickets can then be used at specific games, and it is often the case that money can be won when playing. The type of game that a ticket can be used at depends on the site in question.

Can I Play a Bingo Game, No Deposit Required?

Yes, you certainly can play bingo without having to make any deposit at a site. This is because many sites offer a bonus simply for joining up. As previously mentioned, this sometimes comes in the form of free tickets to games, but other sites can offer free cash, which you can then use at any of the different variations of bingo offered at a site. You’ll be able to find the sites that offer no deposit bonuses simply by reading through the many reviews we’ve written, all of which tell you everything you need to know about a specific online bingo website.

Don’t forget: once you’ve used your no deposit bonus, you can usually get a first deposit bonus, which will add an extra percentage of money to your online account. Also, it’s possible to sign-up with more than one site, meaning that you can claim several bonuses at the same time! That’s exactly what more serious players do, and we’d recommend that everyone else follows their lead!

Which Online Bingo Sites Have the Most Games?

If you’re looking to find bingo games online, you’ll find a large number of sites open to you. Some of these are fantastic, some are pretty good, while a few are worth avoiding. The best bingo sites are generally the ones with the most games though, and in our reviews, you’ll find out which sites offer the highest number of games for their players to enjoy. So, finding out the sites with the most games is simply a case of reading through the reviews right here on this site, all of which are completely impartial. You have to remember that the sites are powered by the software companies who produce the games, you can find a list of Gamesys sites and other software providers throughout this site.

We know that new games are being released all the time, which is why we don’t simply write a review, and then forget about it. Instead, we’ll keep a look out for any new games, and then update the reviews as necessary. This means that they’ll always be up-to-date and of the most possible use to you.