Are Bingo Apps Legit?

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In general, bingo apps are legit, though this is only the case if they have a licence from a respectable regulator. It is rare in the UK market to find a bingo app that outright flouts the law, though those that do not have a licence should be treated with caution.

Although there are hundreds of online bingo brands, there are still quite a lot of them that do not have their own app (whether for Android or iOS). This in itself can be an indicator as to how legit the brands are – often, quite a lot of the budget is dedicated to creating an app because it requires more work. As a result, usually, it is the big companies that have a sterling reputation that develops an app and, in turn, attract a considerable number of players.

Keep reading to explore in more detail how you can tell if a bingo app is, indeed, legit.

Are Bingo Apps Legit?


Number Of Downloads

When you decide to download a bingo app from one of the app stores, you will be able to see how many times it has been downloaded. Usually, the more prominent brands have high numbers, often in the 10s of thousands, which tends to be a significant clue as to how legit that it is.


Multiple Bingo Games

Any app in the bingo industry that is legit will often have many different bingo games for players to participate in, while some will even have a handsome number of slots as a side benefit. This is a big indicator that the app is legit and, ultimately, a sign that they are doing things correctly.


SSL Certification

Standard Socket Layer (as it is formerly known) encryption technology is essential for every online gambling site or app. What this does is help to keep a player’s data safe from outside threats while also protecting financial transactions like deposits and withdrawals. Simply looking at the bottom of the app’s homepage will show you whether it has SSL in place. You will find that any bingo app that has a reputable licence in place has an SSL certificate.


Variety Of Payment Methods

When a bingo app has numerous options to make a deposit and withdrawals, it usually means that it has a lot of demand for these and, as a result, has implemented them to cater for players.

Over the last few years, the best bingo apps have provided various banking options to players with different preferences, with many e-wallets now available. If a bingo app has a good choice of payment methods, it is a reliable indicator that it is legit.


Multiple Customer Support Options

A legit bingo app that cares about its players will have a reliable amount of help options in place, while the best offer these for 24 hours every day, seven days a week. Undoubtedly, the most popular of these is Live Chat, due to a short waiting time, though this is often backed up by having an email address, active social media accounts and even a toll-free phone number.


Superb User Interface

The most legit bingo apps have committed a lot of investment to ensure that a customer has the best experience possible. High on the agenda is the look and feel of an app, especially from a graphical and speed perspective, such as how quickly pages load. In addition, navigation is a critical part of this, and customers can find the area of the app they are looking for quickly and easily.


Variety Of Promotions And Offers

A bingo app with multiple promotions and offers provides a significant clue that it is legit because it has put a lot of thought into deciding how it can provide ultimate customer satisfaction. In addition, some of the best and most reputable bingo apps may offer ‘mobile only’ promotions and offers for customers – should you see this, it increases the chances that the app is legit.


Age Of The Brand

Any bingo app that has a long-standing history in the industry usually means that it is legit and can be trusted based on what is often a gleaming track record. A quick search engine query will tell you how old the app’s bingo brand is. This tends to provide players with significant peace of mind and plays a big factor in whether they sign up or not.


How Many Bingo Apps Should You Download?

If you have found a few legit bingo apps that you like, this is a different concept to just a bingo site, where you can sign-up/log on via a search engine on your phone.

This is because you need to download them, which depending on your mobile device, can take up a considerable amount of storage space.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to download the one that appeals the most, sign-up for it and get to know it. Then, if you do not like it, uninstall it (make sure you have withdrawn any funds first) and then download another app.

Although this is not set in stone – it may first be a good idea to check how much storage you do have on your device and decide whether it is worth downloading more than one bingo app. The good thing about having more than one legit bingo app on your device is that you can seamlessly switch between both and even have two open at the same time (depending on your device), though this can drain your battery.

One idea could be to download multiple to a tablet, which usually has more storage capacity and longer battery life. As well as this, a tablet is more accessible to navigate due to the screen being bigger, which can be helpful for quickly switching between each app.

Ultimately, you will find that the majority of bingo apps are legit, certainly if they have a credible online gambling licence.


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