Every player plays casino games intending to win the casino. For decades, gamblers have tried to crack roulette and subdue blackjack but, online casino games with fixed RTPs, leave less scope for it. In the world of online casinos, video slots have attained a prominent hold on online slots games. Every month, new online slot games come out, making it hard to devise any specific strategy.

In this article, we are going to discuss some strategies, slot secrets, and tips about online slots that work, no matter what online casino game you play.


Go for those online casinos which have free-play or demo mode slot games first. 

Without the risk of money, you can focus better on the gameplay, get a grip on the rules, and understand how it all works.

Where to focus while planning your online slots strategy?

Where to focus while planning your online slots strategy?

Compared to real-life casinos, online casinos offer a better payout percentage. They have lower overhead costs with the ability to get millions of people to play at the same time. So, if you strategically choose a game, your chances of winning will be high. Here are Two Slot Strategies to Plan for Your Online Slots Game:

Return to Player (RTP)

It is about how much money you can get back. No online slot game offers a guarantee on the amount of money you will win. However, the RTP percentage provides insights on your chances of winning. Check the RTP of a game in the settings or help section. They are usually between 92-97%. Therefore, the closer you can get to 100%, the better your chances of winning the casino. 

We recommend you go for those online slots which have RTP higher than 95 - 96%. Anything below that, ignore and only pick if they have a progressive jackpot attached. 

We will talk about progressive jackpots a little later!


It is also referred to as variance or the risk level of the game. Check the volatility information in the settings or review section of the game. The slots with low volatility mean the wins will be more frequent, but smaller. Likewise, with high volatility slots, the wins will be fewer, but eventful when they do come along.

So, it all depends on what you choose. High volatility riskier casino games, where you never know how much time and money you need to invest for that lucky spin or low volatility ones, where you can keep the wins coming in. Casino games with free spins promos are an ideal way to test slots and figure out their volatility.

TIP: "Always check the RTP and volatility details of the game before you place a wager." 

Online Slot Secrets

Online Slot Secrets

You want to win casinos, then avoid going to the obvious choices. It is just like shopping in a supermarket, where they place the most profitable items in prominent positions. When it comes to slots, branded ones like Games of Thrones are a most naive choice. 

It costs a lot for developers to buy the rights, so they won't make it an easy win!

Any online slot game featured on the front page or "popular section," chances are they run to the favour of the house. 

Another slot secret is the slot machine payouts. They are proportionate to what you wager in the game. If you bet low, it may give you peace of mind, but then don't expect to win big.

QUICK TIP: "Pick Higher denomination slots to have higher payback percentages."

For example: If you wage £0.01 per line on a slot like Kingdoms Rise that has a Jackpot of 1000x, your win ends up being £10 only. On the other hand, if you wage £1 per line, the chances of winning £1000 in the Jackpot rises. 

It does not mean everyone should rush out and play for higher denomination slots. All casino games have risks. It depends on you how much you want to risk. 

Just remember, never bet more than you can afford to lose!

Which online slots payout the most?

Payout means the average amount of money that a player gets back in the form of winnings, compared to the amount the player wagered. The keyword here is - average, so the more spins you make, the better your chances get to be closer to the payout percentage of the slot machine.

See the rules or information page of the game to know about payout percentages or just quickly Google it with the name of the game and type - Payout Percentage or Return-To-Player. 

TIP: "The games with the highest RTP often payout more."

Some Useful Online Slot Tips

1. Look for no-deposit bonuses

No-deposit casino bonuses increase your chances of playing online slots for free while increasing the chances of winning real money. Such games require a deposit only when you cash out your winnings.


2. Use online casinos competition to your advantage

Competition among online casinos can benefit you with free spins or casino bonuses in a bid to get you to sign up. But before you play, take a look at the wagering requirements. Some of them might have a multiplier that specifies the amount you must bet before you can get your bonus released as cash.


3. Check the developer of the games

A good developer makes all the difference to your gaming session! 

Developers like "Pragmatic Play" mostly make slots that deliver those big wins. Instead of getting stuck with playing slots from a rubbish provider, who gives decent payouts only in the bonus feature, go for one that honestly intends to pay. 


4. Keep in mind the RTP concept about online slots

The Random Number Generator (RNG) system in online slots makes sure that every time you spin, you get a fair chance to win. So, pick a slot machine with higher RTP, and the more you spin, it increases your chances of winning at it.


5. Making your choice for Jackpot - Local Vs. Progressive Jackpots

There are two kinds of Jackpots:

Local Jackpot - Like playing in a specific casino, and the money generated from the players gets utilised in playing the Jackpot in that slot game. 

Progressive or Network Jackpots - A jackpot that pools the money of players from various participating online casinos. Mostly they are ever-increasing mega jackpots since online casinos work to bring it together.

Choose a local jackpot to increase your chances of winning. Instead of picking progressive ones, to compete with a large group of players, consider playing other casino games with big jackpots. 


6. Free Spins

Online casinos often use free spins offers to lure users.

Use this opportunity to play for free! 

Notice the gameplay of a specific online slot and place your bets. If your luck favours, you might win without spending a cent.


7. Gamble responsibly instead of Betting Max

Many online slot sites advise - to bet max. The catch behind it is to cash out big on multiple line winnings. In reality, it does not boost your odds of winning. 

With RNG, your chances of winning at online slots are the same, irrespective of whether you bet on all the paylines or just one. You can still win with a minimum bet on a slot machine, just as much as you can lose when betting max. Therefore, set a budget and gamble responsibly to enjoy online casino games.


8. Have a peek at the pay tables before you play

Each online slot game has its unique paytable and variations that can surprise you. All these variations make a significant difference in your bankroll in the long run. 

So, research about the best online casino games to play before placing your money. Learn about the slot features like wilds, multipliers, and scatters as they affect your chances of winning.


9. Play for Free

The best way to learn about online slots and devise a strategy is to pick casino games that offer - play for free options. It gives you a chance to understand more about the pay tables and features like multipliers and wilds. They also allow trying the bonus rounds. It is a brilliant way for new players to discover whether they want to play an online slot with real money or to move on. 


10. Special Promotions and Bonus Offers

Weekly, seasonal, or back-to-play bonuses and special promotions for launching a new game, special event, etc., - they keep popping in online slots as a part of casino marketing. Use them to research and learn more about the paytables of the casino games you plan to play to increase your chances of winning.

Can you win money playing slots online?

You will never get a 100%-win guarantee on slots. However, choosing slot machines with a higher RTP is always beneficial. Additionally, pick slot games with medium variance. You can expect it to hit wins quite frequently through a combination of small token wins and considerable payouts. 

What Is the Best Time of the Day to Play Online Slots?

Every slot machine game contains a microcomputer called the Random Number Generator (RNG) that runs the game. Unless you hack the algorithm, it is not possible to know precisely when the best time is to spin to win.  

Hence, no specific time of the day promises a win on slot machines or any other casino games for that matter. It is all about your strategy and luck.

Is there a trick to online slots?

No, there are no specific tricks or quick hacks. Just keep in mind the tips we shared above.  It will help you plan your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. 

Enjoy online slot games responsibly using these tips, secrets, and strategies. Remember that online slots are heavily regulated and policed by the relevant gambling authorities. Make a note to read the offer emails and online slot instructions carefully before you place your wager. It will be your safeguard against scam artists.

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