New Bingo Sites - August 2017

At we take bingo pretty seriously. We know that the internet is full of options when it comes to playing bingo and finding a great free bonus, so we understand that you occasionally feel a bit spoiled for choice. To help you make up your mind, and find a new bingo site, our trained reviewers have carefully selected the best bingo sites and free bingo sites online, taking into account their players’ reviews, their variety of games, the jackpots that can be won, and how secure they are when it comes to handing over your card details. Here you’ll find lists of the best new bingo sites 2017, and bingo rooms for big welcome bonuses, social gaming, and those with the strongest community reviews. You might even find a few new bingo sites with deposits as low as £5. This is everything you need to start gaming wisely and winning big at online bingo.

What to look for when you’re choosing a new bingo site?

Every bingo lover is different and their needs are even more varied. Some are drawn in by that appealing 300% sign-up bonus, and others are more concerned with finding their favourite, more obscure game of 80-ball bingo amongst the crowd. Ask yourself these questions before you start gaming.

Are you paying for a big name?

Some like to go with the big names they recognise, such as William Hill bingo or Paddy Power bingo. Remember though, the deposit bonus might appear generous but you can sometimes find better elsewhere. A big name isn’t essential, it’s better to play what you want to play, where you want to play it.

Are all the bonuses for new sign-ups?

A big signup bonus can be appealing in a new bingo site – it’s basically free money - but what do you get when you’ve proven you’re a loyal bingo player? A free bonus after playing for so many hours certainly won’t go amiss, and what about a bingo bonus gift on your birthday? All things to consider if you’re a regular gamer.

Is there a chat room?

Some people love to chat while they play. If you’re one of them, your new bingo site of choice needs to have a social element to it. Bingo sites that have a community feel are the one for you, so look out for the chat room before you go straight to the sign-up page.

Flavour of the month or here to stay?

Some bingo gaming sites launch with a big fanfare but don’t have too much substance to them. Look out for the generous introductory offers and the celebrity endorsements, but if playing isn’t going to stay fun when all the confetti has finished falling, don’t bother.

If it’s free bingo now, will it stay free?

Appealing bingo room offers don’t always stay a permanent fixture, so keep your eye out for expiry dates and read the small print. Some new bingo sites have no deposit, and some introduce £5 deposits to lure in new players.

What’s the theme?

Dragons and castles? Star Wars characters? Or just plain old numbers in a grid? Many bingo sites have themed games and boards, so it’s worth looking out for these if that’s what floats your boat.

How to find the best new mobile bingo on your mobile device

Are you an armchair bingo player or is it an essential part of your morning commute? An armchair bingo player can play comfortably on desktop or a tablet, but a mobile device bingo gamer needs something a little bit different – mobile bingo. Your new bingo site of choice needs to have an up-to-date, easy to use app, but look out for those pesky adverts. Many bingo sites rely on adverts for some of their revenue, so it’s possible that a free to download app will include ads and pop-ups. If you don’t want to have your online bingo experience interrupted with annoying ads, make sure you look for an advert free bingo app to play mobile bingo. When you’re browsing the app store, check out the reviews. If the app is glitchy, sends too many annoying notifications, or is difficult to use, people will be sure to leave their comments. You can find out how regularly the bingo site updates their app too, this will give you an indication of how much they see it as an extension of their online site and not just mobile bingo on its own.

Looking at the big bingo bonuses a little deeper

Bingo bonuses are one of the reasons that we return to a site, but are many of the latest new bingo sites less attractive than they seem? Is it really a case of free money? Tax laws have recently changed in the UK, meaning that online bingo sites are going to be taxed in the same way that a physical bookmakers or bingo hall would be. This means that bonuses may get slimmer and less generous in the future, with bingo sites having to pay up more of their profits to the taxman. With this in mind, it’s even more important to make sure that you get the best bingo experience for your money, and to find out which sites are stingy and which aren’t. They all advertise themselves as the best, but the ultimate judge is the player – you!

Expiring bonuses

Many bingo sites will put a time limit on extra bingo offers, new bingo sites with free spins, and bonuses to create a sense of urgency that encourages the player to use it quickly. 30 days used to be quite common but 7 days is now even more likely, encouraging players to come back to a bingo game on at least a weekly basis. This still adds to the experience for players who are already regular, playing on their preferred site multiple times a week. If you’re playing across a few different sites, make a note of when your bonuses expire and keep logging in to check if you can quickly claim any new ones.

New bingo sites with no deposit bingo

Some bingo sites will give you the opportunity to play on their site without making a deposit – a free bingo offer. You get to try the site for free before you hand over your card details, and it’s the new bingo site’s opportunity to impress you. It’s in the site’s interest to try and encourage you to keep playing, and a free trial with an eventual deposit bonus is the perfect way to do it.

Automatic Re-deposits

An automatic re-deposit means that your account will be automatically credited with an extra amount every time you make a deposit on the site. Some provide a generous 50% of free money, but other sites have stopped this part of their service, angering their current users and putting off future ones from using their bingo software.

Email rewards

Most bingo sites rely on a chain of email marketing to attract people back to their site, just like retailers do. It’s tempting to ignore them, but you could be missing out on email exclusive bonuses and offers. Be aware though, the more you open their emails the more interested they know you are, so don’t expect the emails to stop unless you actively unsubscribe from them.

If in doubt, check out the independent reviews

Every individual bingo site will naturally sing its own praises, so you need a more independent resource like Bingo Sites. We compare the UK’s best bingo sites, as well as the smaller ones you might not be aware of. Our comparison portal ranks every existing and new bingo site, from the big name bookies who are launching their first bingo site to the independent boutique names.

Our reviews focus on:

  • A breakdown of sites offering a welcome bonus, deposit bonus
  • and any other key benefits
  • Individual games on offer
  • Screenshots of the site
  • Free bingo options and new bingo sites with free spins
  • Who the site is affiliated with
  • Customer service
  • Relevant video reviews
  • Ratings for payment methods, promotions, graphics and usability

We’re always honest and we’re always thorough in our reviews. We even focus on the often overlooked practical details, such as how easy it is to contact customer service and how many payment options you can use. The Bingo Sites team isn’t blinded by bonuses or promotions, we always analyse the website’s benefits and drawbacks, and present them in a way that will help people make an informed choice. Bingo should be fun after all, not frustrating or complicated!

Time to play!

There are so many exciting bingo bonuses and brand new bingo sites out there, and we’re here to help you sort through all of them! We update our site regularly when there are new sites to review, and we dedicate our entire site to finding the latest bingo sites with the best free bonuses and bingo software. If we can find a way for you to play free bingo and not spend a penny, we will! Forget trial and error, browse our site for the best bingo games and see at a glance what your signup welcome bonus will be, how fun it’s going to be to play, and how user friendly the experience is. Check out our list of new bingo sites, our selection of the best no deposit bingo sites on the internet, and our impartial reviews. It’s the best bingo playing toolkit you could ever need!