At BingoSites, our mission is to provide the best bingo content anywhere online. We pride ourselves on giving our readers honest, unbiased and accurate information about what the biggest bingo sites have to offer, what bingo games are the best to play and all the latest news in the world of online bingo. To ensure we can continue to provide impartial, high-quality content, we use the affiliate link system to fun our website. With this system, we can make great content that players know is 100% factual and not influenced by any outside sources. What’s more, it keeps our site completely free to use for our readers!

We keep our funding methods at BingoSites transparent so our readers know that our integrity cannot be compromised. Carry on reading to learn more about our funding system and why we have opted for this method over others.


How Does the Affiliate System Work?

If you use the internet for online shopping, there is no doubt you will have used affiliate links. This is a very common funding system used in marketing, and every industry uses this in some form. In the world of online bingo, this means that each time an affiliate website like BingoSites recommends a bingo site to a player and they use our link to sign up and make a deposit, we make a very small commission from this. The sum of money we receive is tiny, but it makes a big difference in helping us fund our website and continue providing the very best bingo content online.

The best part about affiliate links is that it costs you absolutely nothing! That’s right. There is zero cost for you plus, it does not alter your experience when navigating your way around our website. You can enjoy reading our any bingo site is not paying uslatest bingo site reviews without having to be pestered with lots of big ads and you can also trust that our reviews are honest as any bingo site is not paying us to create them. All you have to do is click on the link that takes you to the bingo sign up page. From here, you can sign up and make a deposit as normal to get started playing all your favourite slots, casino and live casino games. We will receive a small commission for helping you to choose that bingo site and we can use this to invest further in providing the world’s best online bingo content.


The Advantage of Using Affiliates

BingoSites uses affiliate links to fund our site as there are many pros to using this over other payment systems. Here is why we choose to use affiliate links:

  1. Integrity – we know that if our reviews are not 100% honest and unbiased, our readers will not trust our content. This is why we use affiliate links, as it means the only person we are accountable to is you. We do not have to rely on any compensation from gambling companies to sustain our website, and players can enjoy our content knowing it has not been paid for. All content is 100% our genuine thoughts and feelings about a bingo site, written by our expert team
  2. Income – keeping BingoSites up to date with the latest bingo site reviews does require an income, and affiliate links help us to provide you with the best bingo content
  3. Ads – there is nothing more annoying than navigating around a website, but large ads keep appearing. Readers will be happy to know that by using an affiliate system, we do not have to use ads on our site, and everyone can enjoy a much more user-friendly experience

As you can see, affiliate links are the easiest and most sustainable way for our team to continue providing readers with the best possible bingo content anywhere online.


How to Become a BingoSites Contributor

Are you looking to retain influence but do not want lots of advertisements? Then why not consider joining BingoSites as a contributor? Our team follow strict policy guidelines so your sensitive information is never revealed. Get in touch with us today to find out more.