In the world of online bingo, it’s the bingo sites that take the majority of the spotlight. Behind every great bingo site is a fantastic software provider though. These software providers are the ones who ensure that everything ticks along nicely, by providing fantastic games for players to enjoy, as well as by constantly innovating, to ensure players never get bored with playing bingo online.

Many people don’t know anything about the different bingo software companies currently creating fantastic games though, and this is something that we aim to change on this page. After all, don’t you want to know which software companies produce the best games? If you know this, you’ll then be able to easily find the best bingo sites for you!

What is Bingo Software?

This is the most basic question to answer, and the answer is quite a simple one: bingo software is the games you’ll find at any online bingo site. You might be surprised to hear that the sites don’t generally make their own games, but instead use software from third-party companies. This is partly because the bingo sites don’t have the expertise needed to create fantastic pieces of software, and partly because using one of the bigger software providers will ensure that there’s a larger pool of players, which in turn means that players will always find it easy to get a game.

Let’s just think about the last point though – the way in which software providers lead to a larger pool of players. When you’re playing at your favourite online bingo site, you’ll probably think that you’re playing against people from the same site, but very often you aren’t. Instead, you’re playing against people on the same bingo network. This bingo network is run by the software company, and encompasses many sites. So, even smaller bingo sites can still allow their players to play bingo whenever they want to.

Bingo software doesn’t just refer to the games you’ll find when playing using your desktop though, as it also refers to the games that are played using a mobile device, such as an iPad or an Android phone. So, thanks to the software providers, you’ll be able to watch the balls being called and mark your bingo card wherever you happen to be!

Who Are Some of the Biggest Online Bingo Software Companies?

There are two software companies that stand head and shoulders above all others in terms of their reach, and they are Dragonfish bingo sites and Virtue Fusion. These two names provide software to some of the biggest sites around, such as Coral Bingo, 888 and Gala Bingo. Unsurprisingly, these two companies are owned by a couple of online gambling giants, with Virtue Fusion being owned by Playtech, and Dragonfish being owned by 888.

If you have already played at a site offering software from Virtue Fusion or Dragonfish, you might want to find something a bit different. This shouldn’t be a problem, as there are many other software companies as well. These include names such as Cozy Games, Jumpman Gaming and Gamesys. Each of them has some really innovative titles, and all games they produce are easy to play, and can offer some nice cash prizes.

How Can I Find What Software a Bingo Site Uses?

Finding out which software a bingo site uses is actually really easy, as the software company often insists that the site in question credits them somewhere, usually at the bottom of each page. So, just scroll down the screen and you should see the logo of the software company displayed prominently. If you don’t see the logo, you might need to delve into the “About Us” section of the site though, or even contact them to find out.

There is an easier way to find out about the software used at an online bingo site though – just read through the reviews on this site. We’ll let you know which bingo network a site uses in every review, so you can head straight to one that offers your preferred software. We’ll also let you know about loads more in our reviews as well, including how good a site’s bonuses are, as well as the range of different games offered.

Do All Software Providers Offer the Same Bingo Game Variations?

If you’ve never played bingo online before, you might think that all bingo games are the same. This is certainly not the case though, as all bingo enthusiasts will be quick to tell you! There are some standard games that are offered by all software companies though, and these are 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. 80-ball bingo is also offered by nearly all software companies. The same game from two different providers can be hugely different though, as each game will have unique gameplay, differing graphics, and varied special features. So, even if you only ever want to play a particular type of bingo, playing games from different providers can still help to keep things interesting.

Of course, different companies also offer unique games as well, in a bid to make themselves more attractive than the other companies in their industry. For example, Cozy Games bingo sites offer a fantastic version of 30-ball bingo, while Virtue Fusion have created the immensely popular Deal or No Deal Bingo. New bingo games are being released all the time, so keep checking your favourite online bingo hall site regularly to see when a new game is available to be played!

How Do I Know Software is Fair?

You can be sure that the software is completely fair when you play at one of the sites we recommend, as we’ve already looked into this area and confirmed that the software is completely honest. If you want to check the fairness of software for yourself though, there are a couple of things to look for. The first is that a game uses a random number generator. A random number generator is vital, as it ensures that every ball being drawn is completely random, and that it hasn’t been influenced by any external forces. You should also ensure that the RNG has been verified as fair by an external organization.

You should also check to make sure any site you play at is regulated by a reputable body. For players in the UK, this is the UK Gambling Commission. It is actually a legal requirement that any site accepting UK players is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This organization will constantly monitor a site, ensuring that it is always acting fairly, and this will include looking at the software and verifying that it’s honest and trustworthy.


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