When it comes to bringing you the best bingo sites, you can rest assured that our review process is unbiased and well-informed.

To ensure that you know how we operate and our comprehensive procedures, we will give you a step-by-step breakdown of what is involved in our rating process when it comes to scoring each bingo site that we review for you!

The Criteria that we Cover

When reviewing a bingo site, we take into account a number of important variables which we put an emphasis on helping to make sure that these add to an enjoyable online bingo experience.


Arguably one of the most important factors and as such, we only review online bingo sites that are regulated and approved by the UK Gambling Commission, which means that the website is sticking to the law.

We also make sure that we only review bingo sites which have SSL encryption to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure.


We appreciate that you like to have a choice of different options when it comes to bingo bonuses. Every bingo site is different and will either have a welcome bonus, non-deposit bonus or a bonus where you receive more than your initial deposit.

Each site will appeal to different people based on their bonuses, though it is always worth looking at a few options before you sign up!


Some sites will have a variety of different games which perhaps have a range of jackpots on offer to play for. There is also the possibility that you are able to play slot games, to add to your bingo experience. Ultimately we like to make sure that we can give you a great choice!

Customer support

This is an important factor for a lot of players and because of this we aim to review bingo sites where you can access support easily. Most of the sites that we recommend have live chat, phone and email options, all of which are generally very responsive and helpful.

Deposits and withdrawals

We know that players want a seamless process when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds and because of this, we ensure that every bingo site has SSL encryption which secures every transaction. Also every site that we recommend will payout within a timeframe of 48 hours.

Mobile Accessibility

The surge in mobile gaming has increased considerably over the last few years and as such, platforms have adapted their offering with specialist mobile versions of their sites. It is highly recommended that if you are going to play via mobile, that you have a strong wifi connection though. When reviewing mobile bingo sites, we ensure that each one has a good mobile website, because we appreciate that it is preferable for some people to play bingo this way!

Player popularity

One of the biggest concerns for people when they sign up to a new bingo site, is that it there won’t be many others to play against. However, many sites are built by companies who have a strong reputation in the industry so already have a readymade customer base, to make sure that you won’t be alone!

Ongoing Review Maintenance

We make sure that all of our reviews are kept up-to-date, because bingo sites are constantly changing to improve their service for their players. As a result of these changes, our continued and balanced analysis could mean that we can either increase or decrease the rating of some sites.

What we don’t do

Being completely independent and not owned by any operators means that all of our reviews are not only unbiased, but also honest. We are never pressured into writing favourable or unfavourable reviews, so you know that when you read one, all of the information provided is accurate.

Who writes our reviews?

Each bingo review is written by an experienced and seasoned online bingo player, who knows all of the industry ins and outs! With a considerable wealth of knowledge you can be confident that our trusted reviewers have a good idea about what other fellow players of differing abilities are looking for.

The online bingo sites that we review have no input what into what our experts say, though no information is misrepresented.


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