Here at BingoSites, we have a set of strict standards and editorial guidelines that all our staff must adhere to.


Why Do We Have Editorial Guidelines?

At BingoSites, we have a set of editorial guidelines in place that all of our team must follow when creating reviews and guides. This ensures that our content retains a high standard and that our readers can always trust the information we put out. As the go-to site for all things bingo, we always want to ensure our content is 100% reliable and informative. Our guidelines help us achieve and maintain this by providing factual and honest information that only assists readers in finding the best bingo site for them.

No matter whether you are reading bingo site reviews, how to play guides or news updates, you can do so knowing that all the information is up to date and as accurate as it possibly can be. When reading our content, you can rest assured that we have 100% control over everything that is written and is our top priority is honesty in all our reviews. We never take any financial incentives from bingo sites, and no outside influence has any control over the content we produce. We pride ourselves in knowing our content is the most reliable source of bingo information anywhere online.

However, we know that there is always room for improvement. If you see content that you think could be even better, make sure you get in touch with our team today as we always want to make our work the best that it can be.


Editorial Code

Find out more below about the stringent editorial guidelines our team follows for all content produced at BingoSites.

Source Disclosure

Any sources used for our content are credited, and you can see for yourself that they are always reputable. However, as our team are all experienced gamblers and know this industry well, they can use their own experiences and knowledge to create informative and honest content.

Clear Information

The number one goal of BingoSites is to provide our readers with informative and easy to digest content. You will not find lots of overcomplicated words or phrases in our articles and we try to make it an enjoyable read. This also makes it much easier for our readers outside of the UK to read our content easily. When you click on any article, you can be guaranteed that the content will be focused on what the title says, and our team are more than happy to clarify anything within our reviews if you want to get in touch with them.


While our team strive to deliver content that is 100% accurate, there can be human errors. If you spot any human errors in any of our articles, please do get in touch as we always want to correct this as quickly as possible.


Our team will always ensure that any content is accurate when it has been written, and we always do our best to revisit old articles to ensure they are still factual.

Impartial Advice

At BingoSites, we pride ourselves on delivering honest and unbiased content to our readers. You do not have to worry about any financial incentives from bingo sites as we have no relationship with any of them. We also quickly deal with any conflicts of interest to ensure all articles are written objectively.


Our Team

If you are looking for bingo content written by the most experienced writers in the gambling industry, you have come to the right place. Our BingoSites team has combined decades of experience in this industry as writers and players. We know the most important information to online gamblers and always strive to deliver this in our content.

Do you want to know more about our editorial standards and policy? Then please get in touch with our team here would be more than happy to help.