Which bingo sites pay out most?

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Online bingo has many different quirks to it, in addition to a wide variety of reasons why people play the game. While some play for fun and to be social with friends, there are others who play solely to try and benefit from significant payouts for winning.

Every bingo site is different in terms of the prizes that they give to players, with these often coming in various sizes, while some may have one big jackpot prize on a weekly basis and several small ones each day.

In terms of how big the prizes and payouts are, it usually comes down to the reputation of the brand and the length of time that it has been around. Often the more well-established online bingo brands can afford to pay out the most for prizes and this can attract a lot of players for this reason.

It is usually the case though, that because these brands are well established and payout the most, they also have varied sign up offers that can offer up to £1000 as matched deposits for both bingo tickets and also free spins – some bingo sites have a small online casino portal.

In addition to this, it is also worth factoring in the RTP (Return To Player) rate of bingo sites, with these reflected in the various slot games that some bingo sites offer. The RTP (of both slots and bingo games) and even volatility of some slots can affect the overall RTP of a bingo site, compared to others.

Below we have investigated what the top paying bingo sites are that can be found at BingoSites and the various differences between each one.

Which bingo sites pay out most

Best paying bingo sites for players

Read on to find out what brands make our list for the highest paying bingo sites and find out which ones might appeal.

Sun Bingo

A bingo site whose parent company is well known in the British public eye; an asset of the News Corporation Group’s (owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch) Sun newspaper, this was a brainchild that enabled them to provide a vast proportion of their customers the opportunity to play bingo. They already had a significant share of the requisite target market, while the fact that the company has a strong balance sheet, enabled them to provide attractive prizes to customers.

At Sun Bingo, players can make the most of substantial payouts for bingo games with some payouts even as high as £20000. Even players of the free 90 ball bingo game can expect winnings of anywhere between £25 to £500, while the slot games have a modest RTP.


One of the most well-known bingo brands and one which has substantial financial backing, 888Ladies is a prominent site that is subject to a lot of mainstream advertising. It subsequently means that it attracts a considerable amount of new players on a regular basis and as a result, offers some of the biggest payouts in the industry.

Offering thousands in prize money on a regular basis for its bingo games, players can also expect high RTP rates for slots, with many often at least 98 per cent, with varying degrees of volatility.

Betfred Bingo

The British sportsbook and casino operator actually has a very polished bingo asset that attracts a considerable number of players on a daily basis and boasts many games which offer lucrative prizes.

For an entry fee of 10p for a game of bingo, the potential prizes of up to £1000 for some games, is a very healthy return and one that reflects this being one of the best online bingo websites for payouts. With hundreds of games each day across all of the different kinds of games (90 ball/80 ball etc), there is always a good chance of securing a big win on the site which is also very user-friendly on a mobile device.

William Hill Bingo

A major player in the world of online casino and sports, William Hill also has a very well-equipped bingo site, boasting numerous games in addition to great prizes to be won on a regular basis. With William Hill’s European assets having recently been acquired by 888 Holdings, technically, William Hill Bingo is part of the mega-company that is based in Gibraltar. It is even possible to win up to £1000 playing the site’s free weekly bingo game.

Jackpot Joy Bingo

Arguably one of the most well-known bingo sites that there is and certainly the subject to the most advertising, with British actress Barbara Windsor long associated with the brand for many creative marketing campaigns. At Jackpot Joy, players have the opportunity to play multiple games on a daily basis for the opportunity to win prizes of £2000, while the super jackpot games each week in the player’s lounge offer £30,000 in prize money.

Mecca Bingo

A UK powerhouse when it comes to bingo – Mecca for a long time was (and arguably still is), the godfather of the traditional bingo industry and has just as big a prominence online. On the Mecca Bingo website, players can regularly access multiple jackpot games on a daily basis where prize money ranges considerably, from as little as £500 up to £30,000.


How likely is it that you can win money on bingo sites?

Of course, there is no guarantee of winning while playing online bingo, however, the fact that many sites have multiple games on a daily basis and in the majority of cases, for a very small entry fee, a lot of people usually feel that this is worth the risk.

Also, what is an advantage for a lot of players is that even if they do not win the top prize, in most cases, there are two other prizes available for finishing second and third, which can still be very good. A big jackpot game for example, with a prize fund of £30,000, might award £3000 and £1000 for coming second and third respectively, which means that it is still a healthy return.

Because for most of the games, the entry fee is so cheap (as little as 10p) for a bingo ticket at a lot of sites, it makes the gamble worthwhile, however, in order to increase their chances significantly, a lot of players buy many different tickets.


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