Does Online Bingo Lack a Social Feel to the Game? Bingo Cams Certainly Don’t Think so!

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When making the comparison between a traditional bingo hall with that of its online counterpart, the former rarely comes out on top. In reality, few would disagree that online bingo is able to offer an all-round better gaming experience for the player.

Whether it’s super fast deposits and withdrawals, the ability to play from the comfort of your home or via a mobile device, 24/7 games, or bingo rooms that always possess high traffic – the online bingo space is booming. However, some commentators from the land-based industry argue that online bingo cannot replicate the social side of the game.

By this, we mean the ability to visit your local bingo hall with family and friends on a Friday night, fully complemented by non-stop food and refreshments. Moreover, bingo halls could get somewhat rowdy during the tail-end of a large jackpot game, subsequently spear-heading a really enjoyable atmosphere.

Does Online Bingo Lack a Social Feel to the Game? Bingo Cams Certainly Don’t Think so!

Online Bingo Becomes More Social

While it is true that online bingo is a faceless environment, the industry is slowly but surely implementing a more social aspect to the game. One such example of this is Bingo Cams. As the name suggests, the UK-based bingo website allows players to hook up their webcam device to the platform. In doing so, your face is beamed to the in-game room in real-time.

Not only this, but the in-game webcam feature is complemented by a chat box facility. As such, not only can players watch the expressions of their fellow bingo players in video-format, but they can also communicate in real-time via the text.

It is important to note that some segments of the online bingo space are still reluctant to utilise the webcam feature. The main reason for this is that a lot of players actually prefer to remain anonymous when they play.

As such, while the social side of online bingo is now readily available across a vast number of sites, research suggests that players actually prefer to play in peace. Therefore, the theory that online bingo needs the social side of the game to compete with traditional bingo halls is potentially just a myth.

Land-Based Social Bingo can be Expensive

The other thing to consider with the land-based social side of the game is that attending a bingo night at your local hall could be a costly experience. First and foremost, in the vast majority of cases, all players are required to become members of the bingo hall in question. In doing so, this usually comes with annual fees. This is in stark contrast to the online space, which only charges for tickets to enter a game.

Secondly, while a lot of players miss the never-ending flow of food and beverages found within a bingo hall environment, this was anything but cheap. This was especially the case if players were attending in large groups. On the contrary, playing bingo within the comfort of your own home allows you to enjoy the game alongside food and drink of your choice. Not only this, but this works out at a much cheaper night in comparison to ordering refreshments at your local bingo hall.


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