Are online bingo sites safe?

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When it comes to a player’s online bingo experience, one of their biggest concerns is their safety and security – especially for those who are new to the game.

As with most online gambling sites, there is a major emphasis geared toward the safety of players. While they are visiting online brands, measures are in place to make these as safe as possible.

Many gambling commissions have insisted that gambling companies, implement industry-standard security. This is there to protect players and these are checked on a regular basis.

Are online bingo sites safe

How do bingo sites ensure player safety?

When creating and developing a new bingo site, most are built externally using a software provider. This works in conjunction with the operator and consults on everything from the technology to payment method integration.

Arguably one of the most important measures that are implemented is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and this is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, this provides identification information of the web server that (in this case), the online bingo site runs on and is then able to establish an encrypted connection within a split second.

What this does is encrypt sensitive player information, which is only accessible by the person who has the decryption keys. Because the data is encrypted, it means that even if someone was able to gain access to this, such as a hacker, they would not be able to decipher it, because the information is scrambled.

Another vital measure that is implemented at bingo sites is secure payment methods, which have their own industry-approved encryption, though online bingo sites now offer more than one payment method. This is just in case of a rare occasion that there is a problem with one payment option, if customers have a choice, this provides peace of mind.

More security-conscious players, often use e-wallets like PayPal, because these provide an extra layer of safety for financial transactions.

One of the most important functions of a bingo site is the random number generators (RNGs) that they need to use. This helps to ensure that players have a fair chance of winning, without results being skewed in the bingo site’s favour.

Regardless of whether this is for bingo games themselves or the slot games that some bingo sites offer to players.

All bingo sites that are licensed by the UKGC (which includes all of those recommended here at BingoSites), are required to have their own Responsible Gambling policy. This is in place to make sure that players are aware of the dangers of gambling.

In the footer of most bingo sites, visitors can find information about what to do if they find that they may be developing a gambling addiction. There are also links to various organisations that can provide advice and assistance.


The role that the UKGC plays

Every bingo site that is licenced by the UKGC is monitored on a regular basis to make sure that they are adhering to the legislation that is in place for the safety of players.

That means the UKGC is constantly running checks at bingo sites and is often aware when a new site launches without their seal of approval.

In order for a bingo site to gain a licence, there are strict measures that have to be in place – effectively all of the ones that are mentioned, with SSL encryption being the most important.

As a result, bingo sites will have an SSL certificate on display that informs players that any transactions involving sensitive data will be safe.

Also, the UKGC checks that a site has its own, individual data policy which means a bingo site is essentially precluded from selling player data to third parties. This is especially for marketing purposes.

By policing bingo sites in this way, the UKGC is able to ensure the safety of players effectively and provides assurances that bingo sites are as safe as they can possibly be. Be sure to check out our list of safe bingo sites before finding operators who are fully licensed and regulated in the correct manner.


What should players do if they feel that a bingo site is not safe?

If a player is visiting a bingo site and their main concern is online safety, the first thing that they should do is check that it has a licence from the UKGC, because this effectively means that it has passed all of the requirements that are needed to launch.

While in extreme cases, bingo sites can list the UKGC logo (even if they do not have a licence), sites know that the penalty for this is severe which can result in heavy fines or even criminal prosecution. Effectively, it is not worth it for them.

Certainly, players should also check to see if a site has an SSL certificate which means that their data will be as safe as it can be, while a range of payment options can also make a difference as well.

The best thing to do if players feel that a site is not secure after doing their due diligence is to avoid it at all costs and even report it to the UKGC, who will launch an investigation into the site and its practices and then blacklist it from the UK market.


Secure WiFi connection

If players are visiting a bingo site from a handheld device such as their smartphone or tablet, it is recommended that they do this via a secure and reliable WiFi connection.

It is definitely advised to avoid visiting sites via 4G or even 5G, because this can potentially open up to outside attacks, though, again this is in very rare cases.

Ultimately, visiting a bingo site via your own WiFi connection, or with friends or family is the best thing to do to ensure your online safety and make for a more secure experience.


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