What’s The Best Free Bingo App?

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There are many great free bingo apps to choose from in the industry, so there is not necessarily a correct answer to this question.

Specific characteristics undoubtedly set the best bingo apps apart from the others, which is understandably reflected in the popularity and ratings that a bingo app receives.

Deciding which bingo app to sign up for can be a challenging process, especially if you are new to playing bingo online, though below we have outlined some things to look out for below to make this easier for you!

What's The Best Free Bingo App

What Should I Look For From A Great Bingo App?

There are several things that you should be aware of when deciding on a bingo app. Below, we have highlighted some of the most important factors to be mindful of!

  • Firstly, check to see if the bingo app has a reputable licence from a credible online gambling commission, such as the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission). This is because it will be monitored regularly to see if it adheres to the legislation that is in place for your protection.
  • Sometimes, if the company has been in business for a good number of years, this can be a great sign that the brand has a good reputation. It is often the case that older companies that have their own native apps have a firm understanding of what customers want based on their experience.
  • A bingo app with a multitude of games and even slot titles provides a big clue that it has a certain amount of credibility. It is because the software providers clearly understand that the bingo app can be trusted and is affiliated with the company looks good for them.
  • As with having a credible licence, the same could be said of having links to a reputable testing agency. These are responsible for analysing the site and ensuring that the RNG (Random Number Generator) works accurately and the app is fair.
  • Any app that promotes responsible gambling is worth considering because it means that it has the player’s best interests at heart and provides resources to help with gambling addiction.
  • Apps that have good welcome bonuses or packages are undoubtedly worth exploring because it means that they are well-regarded in the industry by players. In addition, these often attract more people as well, which is another good bonus.
  • Navigation is one of the most fundamental factors when it comes to online bingo apps. This is because they need to be developed to a standard whereby anyone can use them comfortably and easy. Therefore, there should not be too much struggle involved for anyone when using a bingo app, and the user journey should make sense.
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology is another key attribute to look out for. This protects customers on an app from outside threats. The easiest way to check for this technology is to scroll down to the bottom and check that the site has this in place.
  • Reliable and easily accessible customer support options are crucial for the best bingo apps. This is because many new players may invariably need help, and if these options can be located on a bingo app easily, this is a big plus point. Live Chat is one of the most popular, and some of the most reputable bingo apps have this on offer.


Selection Of The Best Bingo Apps

Below we talk through a variety of some of the best bingo apps in the UK market right now that tick most of the boxes that we have covered above and, most importantly, are free to download with a range of free games!


PaddyPower Bingo App

Arguably one of the biggest and most notable online gambling brands, PaddyPower also has a separate bingo app alongside its main offering.

Essentially this mirrors the navigation of the other apps of the brand, with each menu option in the same place. The fact that it is one of the premium names in the industry gives it a lot of credibility and is worth checking out.


Bet365 Bingo App

Another household name in the wider online gambling industry, the Bet365 bingo app is as good as you could expect from this powerhouse. Simple to navigate and stacked with many different games, there are even sometimes ‘mobile only’ welcome bonuses and promotions, which is undoubtedly a positive factor.


Mecca Bingo App

One of the oldest brands in the industry, when you think of Mecca Bingo, you automatically think of bingo. A lot of thought has gone into this app, and if you are on the lookout for free games as well, there are many that you can play to make yourself more comfortable with how the game works. This app is worth downloading if you are looking for a specialist in the industry.


Gala Bingo App

There is very little difference between Mecca and Gala – both have been around nearly as long as each other. It is probably the best option for beginners and has a range of free games, attractive promotions and is very easy on the eye.


What Are The Key Considerations?

When you are looking for a free bingo app, there are certain things to remember. The most important factor to think about is that, as long as a free bingo app has a reputable licence in place, then most of the time it comes down to personal taste. Sometimes, it is worth drawing up a shortlist of what you are looking for, visiting some and then checking off each of traits.

Everyone is different in terms of what they look for from their bingo experience, and not each person likes the same things. Therefore it is wise to remember that there isn’t necessarily a bingo app that is the best; however, there are some that are very good.


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