How do online bingo sites work?

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The online bingo industry can be a myriad of complexities, especially when you stop to consider everything that goes into creating a new brand, building out the site and then implementing the marketing.

Compared to the traditional world of bingo, the online world is much more simple or complicated, depending on the way that you look at and understand how a bingo site works, which can certainly aid you with your online bingo experience.

Of course, there are several steps that go into creating a bingo site, while it is very rare that you see completely new bingo companies (sites) anymore, with the majority of new online bingo brands being created by existing companies. Let’s look at a breakdown of how bingo sites work and what is involved in the process of creating them.

How do online bingo sites work

Getting started

When you visit a bingo site for the first time, often players will be greeted with a signup offer or a welcome package, which can vary in terms of how they are structured.

Usually, this is where a bingo site has the opportunity to try and draw in as many players ahead of its competitors, so there is an emphasis on them to try and make the welcome offer as attractive as possible.

One of the major unique selling points (USPs) of a bingo site, where welcome offers are concerned is to market offers as having no wagering requirements if this is the case. Wagering requirements mean that players cannot withdraw winnings straight away which can be a big detriment for many.


Choice of platforms available

With significant advancements in technology, it has never been easier to enjoy an online bingo experience. While originally, players had to make do with playing via a desktop device, now there is a wide choice of tablets and smartphone devices. This makes it substantially more convenient for players to enjoy their online bingo experience.

Complemented by advancements in WiFi, it means that connectivity is even easier than it was before and less intermittent – all important for online bingo games.


Payment methods for making deposits

Of crucial importance for bingo sites and also players, is to have a wide range of different payment methods for their customers. As well as providing Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, the majority of bingo sites also have payment gateway (e-wallet) options. These include PayPal or Neteller, which some people prefer because it adds an extra layer of security.

In other cases, players like prepaid cards such as Paysafecard or Ukash, because this makes it even more secure. Recently, Paybymobile has become popular with players because of the convenience (players’ deposits are charged to their mobile phone bill) and, as a result, some bingo sites cater for this.


Choosing a bingo game

Most of the best bingo sites have a wide range of different games available, which can include 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball and 30 ball (Speed) bingo. Many bingo sites have regular games of each type of bingo on a daily basis, across multiple bingo rooms, with huge jackpots on offer to players. Some games are even free to enter and still have a considerable prize-winning pool on offer.

Of course, it can also be the case that some bingo sites run their games off a network, such as Virtue Fusion which is connected to a few other sites and as a result, players will often find even bigger jackpots though with even more players taking part.


Customer service at bingo sites

Every bingo site has some form of customer service option to assist with players who have a problem or who are experiencing difficulty on the site, the most common of which is a Live Chat option. This is also sometimes available in different languages, with the most popular sites running this for 24 hours if they operate across multiple time zones.

Customer service staff are typically very responsive and highly trained, which means that they are efficient in providing customers with satisfactory answers to their questions and can resolve problems fairly seamlessly.

In addition, there is usually also an email option, which is encouraged if a player has a more long winded problem that perhaps may take 24 hours to resolve. Usually, this is connected to payouts if they are particularly big and need authorisation and to pass further ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) checks.

When registering a complaint at a bingo site, each one has its own individual complaints procedure and usually, it is best to write an email, clearly explaining the issue. The bingo site is then compelled to investigate the matter and will launch an internal action, before responding to the customer. In the majority of cases, complaints are usually resolved, however, in rare cases, the customer is unhappy and refers the case to the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission).


Making withdrawals at bingo sites

At bingo sites, making withdrawals on winnings is usually a relatively straightforward process, with each site varying in terms of its minimum and maximum withdrawals. Often, most bingo sites are fine up to £10,000 each time, after which they will have to issue this manually. This is especially in the case of a big jackpot win – these have to be signed off before a deposit is made into the winner’s preferred payment method.


Self-exclusion policy

Every bingo site that is regulated by the UKGC has to provide the option to players to ‘self-exclude’ themselves at any point, which means that they are restricted access from their online bingo account for a minimum of six months. Usually, this option is in place for players who feel that they may be developing a gambling addiction and, as a result, they can often find this in their account dashboard.

This will mean then that they are unable to use the relevant site, while they also will not be privy to marketing material that advertises promotional offers.


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