Can You Make Money Playing Bingo Online?

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Essentially, you can make money playing bingo online. However, it would be best if you did not use this as your primary source of income for several reasons.

While many people play online bingo regularly, every site licenced by a credible regulatory body such as the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) is required to promote responsible gambling and, as a result, have warnings in place that helps to guard against irresponsible gambling.

Although this can help, many players adopt the gambler’s fallacy, whereby they become attracted by the potential to win large amounts of money.

We explore many reasons you should not play online bingo to make money, which we talk about below.

  • Even though you might win a couple of times, the odds are heavily stacked against you for you to keep this up, and you could then end up trying to make up for your losses.
  • Playing online bingo regularly can begin to affect other aspects of your life, such as with your family, friends, and work. For example, it could mean that you become a lot more antisocial and withdrawn, or other aspects of your personality may change considerably.
  • It is considerable risk if you are focusing on making money playing bingo online because there are no guarantees of winning, and you could end up gambling with more than you can afford to lose.
  • Constantly looking at a screen every day if you are playing bingo online could have a number of health implications, such as bad eyesight, delirium or depression, because you may not be as physically active.

Can You Make Money Playing Bingo Online

Best Approach To Playing Online Bingo

People adopt several attitudes to playing online bingo, and one is, of course, the play-to-win mentality. However, this can be a dangerous rationale and lead to many problems further down the line.

It works firstly if you enjoy how the game works. If this is the case, the best mentality to have is to treat it as a light, social occasion where you get to talk with people in the chatrooms. Always treat any winnings as a bonus or side benefit because that way, you do not get addicted to chasing any big jackpots every time.

If you set a budget when you play, and you can afford to lose it, a win is a pleasant and unexpected surprise, even if it is just the total sum of your stake for getting a line. At least you will not have lost anything.

Setting a time limit for each online bingo session can help, similar to only having an ‘x’ amount of television time each day. It means that it will reduce the risk of you becoming too hooked and potentially falling into a trap.


What Can I Do If I Think I Am Playing Bingo Too Much?

If you start to conclude that you are playing bingo a lot, there are some things you can do.

The first step is to take a break and maybe find another hobby that keeps you active, where you get some fresh air, which is beneficial both mentally and physically. You may find that you do not even think about playing online bingo again, or you realise there are better and more reliable ways of making money – it could be a part-time job or side gig!

However, if you feel you are developing a problem, the first thing to do is delete all of your bingo accounts. You will have developed a problem if you begin to think that you can make back any losses – this is a dangerous game and can lead to further problems down the line.

There are also self-exclusion schemes that you can join, such as Gamstop. The organisation prevents you from entering any bingo or gambling site for a set period, such as six months, so you do not get tempted. It also means that you will not receive any form of marketing from a bingo company either.

Confiding in a friend can help if you feel that you have started to develop a bingo addiction – they might even know what you are going through and can help guide you through this.


What If I Start To Make Money From Playing Bingo Online?

In sporadic cases, this can happen, though you must realize that your luck will run out, and you may end up losing your winnings and more as you try to make up for them.

Merely regard this as a bonus, and do not think that the bingo gods have touched you – it is simply luck, and it will end. Do not regard bingo as a reliable money-making activity – there are less stressful ways to do this that are much healthier. Ultimately, you cannot maintain an income from playing bingo online.


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