How To Play Bingo Online And Offline?

Bingo is a game where players use cards to cross off numbers as a caller announces them at random. The first player to mark off five numbers in a row wins, and players often place bets on numbers. In online bingo, played remotely, players use virtual cards that automatically mark called numbers. The goal is to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line for a 1-line prize, and players can bet real money on bingo apps and websites..

Offline bingo follows a traditional method, with players given cards containing a grid of 25 numbers in a formal hall setting. The caller randomly selects numbers using a ball or metal wheel, and players mark off announced numbers on their cards. Online bingo offers the convenience of playing from home with a stable internet connection.

How To Play Bingo Online And Offline?

Playing online is made easy as the game guides players through each step. After installing the app or accessing the game, players choose a platform, input the bet value, and use the auto-daub setting to automatically track numbers. The game continues until a player achieves a 1-line win.

In offline bingo, players gather in a hall, and a designated caller selects numbers on stage. Using bingo cards, players mark off matching numbers, and the first to complete five in a row shouts ‘BINGO’ to win. Various bingo variations exist, including 90 Ball, 75 Ball, 80 Ball, and Slingo.


🎲 How to Play Bingo Online?

Online bingo is a digital version of the traditional game of bingo in which users play on the internet. It is the same as the original bingo but in a remote setting. A random number is auto-picked by the internet and the players participating cross off the number on their virtual bingo cards. The game can be played on mobile, tablet, computer, laptops and even Android TV.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play bingo online:

Sign up on a bingo website or download the app:

There are multiple websites on the internet which allow users to play bingo. A user can simply play bingo by signing up on these websites from their mobile device or computer.  Similarly, there are also bingo applications that can be downloaded through the App Store or Play Store which allows users to play bingo on their phones. Users can easily simply download the app and play bingo. A few well-known apps to play online bingo are; Mecca Bingo, Gala Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Kitty Bingo,  Robin Hood Bingo, and Heart Bingo. If a user wishes to play on the web, they can play on Sun Bingo, Heart Bingo, MrQ, and Moon Bingo.

Select Auto-Daub:

Auto Daub is an action in a bingo game where relevant input is recorded after being announced by a live caller. This occurs without the requirement of the act performed by the player. Most apps have the option to turn auto-daub on or off. Players can choose to turn on auto-daub according to their preference, enabling the computer to automatically cross off numbers. Alternatively, they can choose to turn off auto-daub, which would then require the player to manually mark the numbers. A player can also choose between playing with one or multiple bingo cards.

Place Bet:

A bet is when a player gambles a certain amount of money in a bingo gameplay. Now, a player must choose to place a bet where they would insert the amount. If the number matches the player’s number on the bingo card,  the player wins back credit.  Once the players have placed their bets, the game begins. In offline bingo, when players have placed their bets, The bingo caller calls out the number or a random number is displayed on the screen which marks the beginning of the game.

Cross-off matching numbers:

Crossing off is when players put an ‘x’ on the numbers which are being called out. When the computer announces the number, the player checks off the number on his virtual bingo card to see if it matches the number announced by the caller.

Press ‘BINGO’:

‘BINGO’ represents a player winning. If a player manages to cross off five numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally, they will win the game as they press the ‘Bingo’ button present on their screen.


🎱 How to Play Bingo Offline?

Offline bingo, also known as the original bingo, is a game of low gambling where players use their cards to cross off numbers announced by a caller. The first player who manages to achieve a line which has all numbers crossed off shouts ‘BINGO’, winning all money at stake. Bingo is mostly played in the US and UK. It is also played in Ireland where profits are given to charity and has now been introduced in Monte-Carlo, Japan casinos.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play bingo offline:

Purchase a scorecard

A scorecard is a card which contains a grid of numbers, usually containing 25 random numbers in a square shape. Each player needs to have their scorecard. Most scorecards have the word ‘BINGO’ written on the top, with each column containing a specific range of numbers.

Understand the letter combination:

Every bingo game has letter patterns which are announced by the caller. The game is simple. However, there is a set of 75 letter-number combinations that correlate with the number on a scorecard. For instance, the numbers in the ‘E’ column would correlate with the ‘E’ letter-number sets. If the caller announces ‘E-7’, the player would cross off number 7 under column ‘E.’

Select a caller:

A caller or a bingo master is a person who randomly draws numbers and calls them out. In a normal casino setting, there is already a person on stage who plays the role of a caller. If you are not playing in a professional setting, you can choose which person would pick the ball randomly and call out the combination.

Distribute scorecards:

One player can purchase multiple scorecards which would increase their possibility of winning. However, the player must keep track of the squares to cross off in a limited period of time. It is essential for each player to have at least 1 scorecard.

Track numbers with bingo chips:

Bingo chips are used to track the pattern on the bingo scoreboard. They look like poker chips. All the players must use bingo chips to place on their scoreboard once the numbers are crossed off. They can also use chips or coins as an alternative.

Announcing the combination:

The caller would pick any number at random and announce it. In case the game includes pictures instead of numbers, the caller would describe the picture.

Cross off the relevant number:

If the number announced matches the number on a player’s scoreboard, they would cross it off and place a chip on that square. In case the number doesn’t match, the player won’t do anything and will simply wait for the next number to be called.

Play until ‘Bingo’ is called:

The caller would continue calling out numbers until a player has 5 squares covered consecutively. These can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows. The player who manages to get it wins the game.

Shout ‘BINGO’:

A player shouts ‘BINGO’ when they manage to complete a pattern on their bingo card. When a player has 5 chips covered consecutively, they shout the word ‘BINGO’ out loud, which stops the game. If there is more than one player who shouts  ‘BINGO’, then all of these players win the game and the money is divided.

Refresh or clear scorecards:

If players choose to play again, they must pool out all the chips or get a new scorecard in case they were using pens to cross off numbers. Furthermore, all the letter combinations are also mixed again in the spinner before a new game begins.

In case you are playing with children, you can lower the difficulty level. Be it online bingo or offline bingo, it may take time for children to keep up with the bingo rules. The best way is to start with friendly matches where the caller repeats the number several times so that kids have plenty of time to check the number on their cards. It is also recommended that each kid should have only one scoreboard. Most kids tend to have a lower concentration level or need clarification if things are sped up.

If the numbers are getting too complicated for children, bingo can also be played with symbols or images. It makes the game more visually appealing and fun.

Bingo can also be played as a tournament in a classroom. Bingo cards can be printed out with bingo balls to be used as chips. Any student can be picked to become the caller. In case there are no bino balls, pieces of paper can also be used. The goal is to have fun.


📝 What are the rules to play bingo?

Bingo is played with randomly drawn numbers in which players compete to get consecutive numbers in a row.

The basic rules for playing bingo are listed below:

Bingo cards

Bingo cards are scorecards used to play the game. In online and offline bingo, scorecards include 5×5 matrices in which random numbers are written in each square. There is a square in the center known as ‘free space’, which is considered automatically filled. The players are not supposed to put any mark on that free space.

Bingo numbers

Bingo numbers are numerical values that are associated with the game of bingo. In offline bingo, the caller or bingo game master picks numbers at random and announces them. These numbers are picked from a container/bowl known as a bingo cage. In online bingo, they are electronically generated.

Marking the card

Marking a card simply means crossing off the numbers on the card. The same rule is implied in both online and offline bingo; once the number is announced or shown on the screen, players need to cross off the matching number on their card. In the case of online bingo, the computer crosses off numbers on the card itself if the player has chosen the auto-daub option. In some bingo games,  the central free space is already filled and is known as ‘free space’. Offline bingo has physical cards, a social interaction which provides an experience whereas in online bingo, there are virtual cards which are marked off by the software.

Winning patterns

Winning patterns are specific arrangements of marked numbers on a player’s bingo card that result in a win. In order to win, a player must have a common winning pattern in the form of a complete row. The row can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, four corners or a blackout. A blackout means all numbers are present in the card.

Calling ‘BINGO’

Calling ‘BINGO’ is an act in which a player shouts  ‘BINGO’ as soon as they achieve the winning pattern. In offline bingo, once a player manages to complete a row, they shout  ‘BINGO’. After that, the caller must verify all the numbers to confirm the win. Whereas in online bingo, the player is supposed to press the button ‘BINGO’.

Multiple players

Multiple players refer to a situation in which more than one individual is participating in a game. In some scenarios, there are also multiple players who call bingo at the same time. In this case, the prizes are divided among them or more rounds are played in order to narrow down a single winner. The rule is applied in both online and offline bingo.

Electronic Bingo

Electronic bingo is a version of a traditional bingo game which is played with electronic devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets. In online bingo, players have their cards displayed on the screen, and the software automatically marks the numbers off as they are called during the game.


Etiquette refers to polite behaviour and manners in a particular setting. In online bingo, when present in a hall setting, players are expected to pay their undivided attention to the caller and not make any noise which may disturb other players. In offline bingo, players are expected not to leave the game in between.


A venue is a place where bingo games are held. For example, a hall or a casino. Offline bingo has a limited schedule, which means that there are limited timings to participate in a venue. However, if a user is playing online, they have the freedom to join anytime and play from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, the ‘chat feature’ allows players to virtually communicate with one another.


💡 What are the Strategies to Win Bingo?

Whether bingo is being played at online bingo sites or in a physical form, the chances of winning depend on a player’s luck. However, there are still a few strategies which may potentially improve a player’s chance of winning.

The strategies to win bingo are:

Multiple bingo cards

Multiple bingo cards refer to having more than one bingo card in play during a game of bingo. The more cards a player has, the greater the chances of winning. However, it is important to consider the budget before spending on multiple cards. Most importantly, players should only purchase the number of cards they can effectively manage in offline and online bingo. It is suggested to start small with one or two bingo cards. Once a player has gotten the hang of the game, they can increase the number of cards.

Always use auto-daub feature

Auto daub, also known as automatic daubing, is a feature in many electronic or online bingo games. In a physical bingo game which is played in a bingo hall, players typically use a marker to cross off numbers of their sheet. However, in online bingo, there is an option to automatically daub the numbers where the software does the work for the players and marks off the numbers. It takes plenty of time for a player to find the number on their bingo cards and there are also chances that a player might miss a number. When playing online, it is a smart choice to use the auto-daub feature so that the software automatically marks the number for the player, removing the stress of locating numbers on the scorecard.

Start with fewer players

In bingo, players are individuals who participate in the game by purchasing one or more bingo cards. The more the players, the lower the chances of winning. When in a physical setting, choose a game which has fewer players so that not only does the game end quickly but the chances of winning are higher. There would also be less possibility of multiple winners, so the prize won’t be divided. When playing online, choose a room with fewer players.

Play during off-peak hours

Off-peak hours are the times in which internet usage is low, mostly early morning and late night. When playing online, there are off-peak hours which would increase the chances of winning as there is lower competition. In this way, a player would have a greater chance of winning.

Choose a scorecard that has a variety

A scorecard is also known as a bingo card or a bingo ticket It is purchased by players to use during the game. If a player has a choice to choose their scorecard themselves, then it is best to pick the card with a variety of numbers. This may also increase the chances of winning. This may not be applied in online bingo since the software chooses the card for the player. However, the player can choose the card themself in a physical setting.

Set a budget

A budget is an estimated expense for a particular activity, like a financial plan. It is advised to set a strict budget for online and offline bingo and not change it. In this way, a player can enjoy the game without putting extra money at risk.

Join bingo clubs

Bingo clubs refer to venues, a physical setting where people come together to play bingo. There are ample venues and online websites which offer loyalty programs. If a player joins that, they might get bonuses which they can utilise in the future in other rounds.

Since the game is primarily based on luck, there is no guarantee that these strategies would provide an absolute win. However, they might be helpful.

Are there any tricks to win at bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance. A player can always implement a few tricks to increase their chances of winning, such as purchasing multiple cards, understanding the odds, knowing all special games/rules, paying undivided attention to the caller, and playing during off-peak hours. However, in the end, it’s all about luck.


💰 What are the prizes awarded to winners in bingo?

The prizes awarded to winners in bingo depend upon the type of bingo being played (online or offline), the platform, and the rules of the game.

Here are some well-known prizes for winners in offline bingo:

Cash prizes

Cash prizes are cash rewards awarded to winners of the bingo games. The most common prize is the cash prize awarded to the game’s winner. The amount depends upon the scale of the game and the cost invested in bingo cards and players.


A jackpot is a cash prize that serves as a reward for participants. This prize is typically reserved for those who achieve specific and challenging patterns or cover their entire card in blackout bingo.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are tokens that allow individuals to enjoy discounts on a wide range of goods and services. These often contain vouchers, which include salon services such as haircuts, massages, or spa treatments, meals, shopping vouchers and more.

Free bingo cards

Bingo cards serve as the scorecards that players use to track the numbers called during gameplay. Winning a game might result in additional rewards such as free bingo cards. These complimentary cards act as tokens for entry into games, allowing winners to extend their streak of luck and participation without additional cost.

Travel packages

Travel packages include a ticket to somewhere for a journey. Large-scale bingo games include prices like a travel package which includes vacations, cruises, or other travel experiences.

When participating in a bingo game, always check the prize structure before playing.

Prizes for online bingo also include cash prizes and jackpots, where the amount won, is directly credited to the player’s bank account.

Some well-known prizes for winners in online bingo include:

Loyalty rewards

Loyalty rewards refer to incentives and benefits that are offered to players as a way to encourage and reward their continued participation and loyalty to a specific bingo platform, site, or venue. If the player wins the game, they may get loyalty rewards or points which can be redeemed for more bingo cards or any other benefits.


Charity bingo refers to bingo games organised with the primary purpose of raising funds for charitable causes.  Some bingo games are known for donating prizes to charity. In this case, the prizes would include donations to a charity from the winner.

Special bonuses

Special bonuses refer to additional perks or rewards offered to players, such as extra game credits, free bingo cards, or special promotions. Players may win special bonuses or features as an advantage in the next game. This will occur when a player manages to win in a specified time frame or achieves a blackout.

Bonus credits

Bonus credit in bingo refers to additional funds or credits given to players as a promotional incentive. These credits can be used to play bingo games without using the player’s own money. In online bingo games, players who win are rewarded with bonus credits which can be used to buy bingo cards.

Free bingo tickets

Free bingo tickets are complimentary game cards given to players, allowing them to participate in bingo games without having to purchase tickets with their own money. Winners may also win free bingo tickets to participate in online games without spending their own money. This is also a tactic to increase player loyalty.

Special promotions and prizes

Special promotions and prizes in bingo refer to unique and limited-time offers or rewards provided to players. Online winners are also offered unique prizes such as electronics, gift cards, or other items.

Tournaments and leaderboard prizes

Tournaments and leaderboard prizes in bingo involve competitive events where players compete against each other to achieve the highest scores to earn prizes based on their performance and rankings on a leaderboard. If a player wins, online bingo may offer different prizes for top performers. These can be considered as cash rewards or special bonuses.

Always remember to read out terms and conditions of online bingo to understand what the prize structure is. Every online bingo site has its own set of rules and offers.


🙅🏻 What Happens when you lose in bingo?

A player loses in bingo when they fail to achieve the required pattern or when another player manages to achieve the combination of numbers before them.

Here is what happens when you lose in bingo:

Next round

In most online and offline bingo games, the structure typically involves multiple rounds, offering players the opportunity to participate in several matches. Hence, in a game in which a player loses in one round, the game moves on to the next match, providing the individual with another chance to try and claim victory. This multi-round format allows individuals to stay motivated and excited throughout the game.

No prize

In online and offline bingo, if the player is unable to achieve the winning pattern on their bingo card during a particular round, then they do not qualify to receive a prize. The prize is reserved for the player who successfully accomplishes the required combination of marked numbers, winning the game.

Play again

In an event where a player loses, they have the opportunity to move on to a different game by purchasing a new bingo card. In this way, players have something to look forward to and a chance to try again.

Financial Loss

Financial loss in bingo refers to the amount of money a player has invested in purchasing bingo cards or participating in the game without winning any prizes. If a player hasn’t placed any bet on numbers, then losing a game only results in incurring the cost of the bingo card purchased. Apart from that, the player does not lose any additional money.


🔄 How to play different types of bingo games?

There are multiple variations of bingo games; from Classic Bingo to 75-ball Bingo and more. Bingo games are played by millions of people, which is why new versions have been developed over the years to keep things entertaining.

Apart from classic bingo, here is how to play different types of bingo games:

How to play 30 Ball Bingo?

30 Ball Bingo is also known as speed bingo. Players use small bingo cards featuring a 3×3 grid, resulting in a total of nine numbers on each card. The numbers called in 30 Ball bingo typically range from 1 to 30. Unlike traditional bingo games with larger number ranges, 30 Ball bingo offers a quicker and more active gaming experience. The game progresses rapidly as numbers are called quickly. Due to a smaller grid size, winning patterns in 30-ball bingo are usually straightforward. This includes completing a single line, covering the entire card (full house), or achieving specific shapes on the card. 30-Ball Bingo has gained popularity on online platforms and mobile play as it allows individuals to indulge in a quick match using their smartphones.

How to play 75 Ball Bingo?

75 Ball Bingo is mostly played in North America and is the most popular type of bingo. The scorecard for this bingo is 5×5 with each square containing 25 numbers with a center square marked off as free space which is considered already filled. The numbers called in 75 Ball Bingo range from 1 to 75 and each column on the bingo card corresponds to a specific range: B (1-15), I (16-30), N (31-45), G (46-60), and O (61-75). Players make complex shapes like X and T apart from just straight lines which adds excitement to the game. 75 Ball Bingo games are known for strategy and competition, providing an engaging experience for individuals. Be it in an online or offline setting, 75-ball bingo provides opportunities for social interaction. Players can enjoy the game while chatting with others and sharing the excitement of marking off numbers.

How to play 80 Ball Bingo?

80 Ball Bingo is also called shutter board bingo. This online game falls between the traditional 75-ball and 90 Ball versions and is mostly played in the UK. In this variant, the scorecard is 4×4, providing 16 squares; Each column on the bingo card represents a specific range of numbers: 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, and 61-80. The cards are also divided into four parts with different colours with the first 20 cards being red, 20-40 being yellow, 41-60 of blue colour and 61-80 of white colour. The game is played with the caller announcing a random colour of either the same or different colour, and the player who crosses off all four numbers on each corner wins. The online version of 80 Ball Bingo features additional graphics, animations, and interactive elements. Both offline and online 80 Ball Bingo games offer opportunities for social interaction. Players can chat with others while playing the game.

How to play 90 Ball Bingo?

90 Ball Bingo is the most famous type of bingo in the UK And Australia. In this game, each card has 90 numbers containing 27 squares. Nine numbers are in a vertical line and three are placed horizontally. The bingo scorecard has 15 numbers in a row of three. The numbers called in 90 Ball bingo range from 1 to 90 with each column on the bingo card providing a specific range:1-9, 10-19, 20-29, and so on. 90 Ball Bingo lasts longer than other bingo games because of the complex scorecard. Additionally, Some 90 Ball Bingo games feature progressive jackpots. To win the jackpot, a player must achieve a full house within a specified number of calls.

How to play Pattern Bingo?

Pattern Bingo refers to a variation of the traditional bingo game where players aim to complete a specific pattern on their bingo cards rather than achieving a traditional line or full house. In this game, players do not form lines. Instead, they have to draw patterns such as letters or shapes such as L, T or X. The caller announces the pattern at the start of the game. The player who manages to create the pattern first wins. Pattern Bingo can be played in traditional bingo halls or on online bingo platforms. Online versions often incorporate colourful graphics, animations, and themed patterns to enhance the visual appeal of the game.

How to play Four Corners Bingo?

In Four Corners Bingo, the priority of the players is to cross off numbers in the corner of the cards. The first person who manages to cross off all numbers wins.

How to play Facebook Bingo?

Facebook Bingo is an online bingo game, with Facebook serving as a social media platform for players to play. The players join virtual bingo rooms where numbers are called automatically. Players use a standard bingo card with a 5×5 grid, resulting in a total of 25 squares. The goal in four corners bingo is to be the first player to mark off all four corner numbers on the bingo card. Furthermore, the numbers range between 1 to 75. The player who wins receives rewards or points which can be redeemed in the next rounds. This variant is played in both offline and online settings. Players may take advantage of an auto-daub feature in online games in order to win. Overall, Four Corners Bingo offers a simple and focused variation of traditional bingo

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