What bingo sites have Slingo?

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In what has become a bit of a craze in the iGaming industry, Slingo is an innovative game that combines both bingo and casino. Presented as a slot, this is where players can both play bingo, but also has 20 opportunities to spin the slot in the hope that all five numbers appear in order to win a prize.

As a result, many bingo sites were quick to realise the popularity of the game and this became available to players when they understood that this would attract more players to their site.

Slingo effectively helps to bridge the gap between online casino and bingo and, for some players, act as a nice alternative for players who are looking for something different from their online bingo experience.

Of course, there are a number of bingo sites that offer Slingo – let’s take a look at the ones that do, with these Slingo sites available at BingoSites.

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Heart Bingo

While Heart Bingo – a subsidiary of the popular UK radio station has a number of bingo games but also, equally a generous number of slots, players can also make the most of their specially branded Slingo game. Easy to find, via a search bar to save players from having to scroll through the list of slots, they may also find that it appears on several promotions that the site runs.


Buzz Bingo

This Caledonia Investments owned bingo site has a wide range of different bingo games as well as a variety of slots. Slingo is one of these and it often is listed near the top of the site, due to the game’s popularity. At Buzz Bingo, there are frequently lucrative Slingo prizes to be won, while entry fees vary.


Wink Bingo

There was little doubt that you would not be able to find Slingo at a bingo site that was owned by 888 Holdings and this has proven to be very well received by the brand’s loyal customer base, who frequently enjoy the many promotions that are run by the site.


888 Ladies

If you can find something at Wink Bingo, there is a high chance that it is also available at sister site, 888 Ladies and this is definitely the case in this instance, with Slingo proving just as popular here. The Dragonfish platform that the site runs off makes the game of Slingo particularly smooth and as a result, the overall gameplay experience is reflected by this.


Advantages of playing Slingo

There are a number of advantages to playing Slingo that players soon realise, especially those who are new to the game. Within minutes, some wonder how they have not played it before and soon see it as a much more interactive alternative to the game of bingo itself.

One of the advantages is that, despite being around for more than 20 years, Slingo is highly original and unique, which means that it is easy to attract new players, simply out of curiosity. Because of the online boom, bingo sites realised that this was a highly marketable proposition and easy to hit the relevant target markets.

In addition, there is the fact that the game has numerous multipliers and bonuses, which can appear in play on a regular basis. In some instances, it is possible to encounter multipliers of 100x, which means if a player has staked £5, they then have the opportunity to win £500.

Furthermore, the game of Slingo is really easy to learn and this combined with the fact that players can win a significant amount of money in prize funds, means that for many, this can really pay off.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Slingo, is that it is very well designed for mobile handsets, which means that playing on a smartphone could not be simpler or any more attractive, with the graphics and interactivity proving to be a major selling point for many players.


Could Slingo become more popular than Bingo?

Due to the fact that bingo has been around since the 1950s and Slingo only for two decades, it is highly unlikely that Slingo can overtake bingo in terms of popularity. There are no ‘Slingo-only’ sites, while it is possible to find hundreds of different bingo sites around the world.

This does not mean though, that Slingo is not popular or that it has reached its peak. Having only really been marketed in a major way for only a couple of years, the response to the game yields an encouraging sign and bingo sites may find that a respectable chunk of revenue comes from Slingo players in the future, though perhaps not enough to make a major difference.


Is Slingo safe to play?

If Slingo is on a bingo site that is licensed by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission), then players can rest assured that the game is safe. This is because any sites that have a UKGC licence are required to adhere to a certain set of legislation that is in place for the protection of the player.


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