The history of the Arcade (Gambling Machines)

Video slots dominate online casinos today with an iron fist and the vast majority of the games offered by Internet gambling operators belong to this genre. Their predecessors have spent their fair share of time in the spotlight, but the road to success was long and twisted. The history of arcade gambling machines begins more than a century ago and over the years, the games have changed many times over. Some of these transformations were radical, but in most cases, subtle changes were made to improve the games.

It all started with Sittman and Pitt’s Slots

When the first slot machine was created in 1891, it looked nothing like the arcade games that were so popular in the US one century later. These machines were rudimentary and driven by simple game mechanics, yet they were regarded as amazing for those years. At the turn-of-the-century, many bars in the US featured such a gambling machine and those developing them got more creative with every new iteration. The mundane playing cards were replaced by colorful symbols depicting cards, horseshoes, diamonds space and the easy to recognize Liberty Bell’s.

The slot machines than of 1902 represented of major setback for the industry. It almost stopped it in its tracks and for many years to come, few changes were made to the traditional slots. The roots of modern arcane gambling machines can be traced to the mid-60s, when electromechanical games were invented. Punters were given the option of betting larger amounts for a chance to win significantly larger payouts. The games were also visually improved and eventually the traditional lever was removed, to pave the way for video slots. These represent a major milestone for the gambling industry and the arcades in the US.

Online casinos reinvent arcane gambling machines

Las Vegas casinos were quick to tap into the immense potential of electromechanical slots and most of their revenue is today generated by them online and you can find a list over at the comparison website. Industry innovators such as WMS produced slots with an additional screen for bonus rounds in the mid-90s, to add a new layer of complexity. A giant leap forward was made when online casinos came around and began using the random number generator for their popular slots. Fruity themed games were preserved and improved, but the Internet technologies breathed new life into the arcade gambling machines and propelled the games to new highs.

Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech are today the main software developers producing slots, arcade games and original hybrids. They catch the eye of prospective players with their immersive sounds and visuals and complex gameplay that resembles video games. Some of them also carry progressive jackpots, which provide players with the perfect incentive to persevere and bet larger sums. Healthy competition between software developers has fostered innovation and every year, new games are being released. The modern arcade games are fully compatible with mobile devices and are perfect for smartphones and tablets.

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