The Advantages of Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

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In the online bingo world, there are a few software providers that are bigger than the rest, and one of these is Virtue Fusion. They power some of the best sites around, and visiting our dedicated Virtue Fusion website will show you which Virtue Fusion sites we think are the best around.

On this page though, we’re going to tell you the reasons why so many online bingo fans choose to gamble at Virtue Fusion bingo sites. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know the advantages to playing at Virtue Fusion sites, and probably won’t be able to wait to head to our number one rated Virtue Fusion site, which is currently Sun Bingo.


Strong Safety & Security

The first big advantage is this: Virtue Fusion websites are incredibly safe and secure places to play your favourite bingo games. All Virtue Fusion sites in the UK are regulated properly by the UK Gambling Commission, and this means that they are monitored constantly to ensure they offer a fair and honest place for you to play. What’s more, all Virtue Fusion sites we recommend all have their games monitored by an independent company such as eCOGRA, to ensure that the random number generators used are completely fair.

Used at Many Great Sites

The fact that Virtue Fusion software is used at loads of sites is also an advantage. Why? Well, it means that you can trust them completely. After all, would so many reputable sites use their software if they couldn’t be trusted by bingo fans? The fact that it is used at many sites also means that there’s a large pool of players using the Virtue Fusion software, and this leads to busier bingo rooms – which in turn leads to bigger prize pools. More players also means that the social aspect of the site is better, and this is important to many bingo fans.

Big Bonuses & Promotions

Big bonuses and promotions are loved by pretty much every online bingo player, and you’ll find some of the best promotions at Virtue Fusion online bingo sites. These can come in the form of first deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free tickets, and much more, and all players at a Virtue Fusion site should never find themselves not getting something for nothing. To give you an example of the kinds of bonuses you can expect to receive, Sun Bingo are currently offering all new players a 300% welcome bonus, meaning that those who deposit £10 will be able to play with a total of £40.

Backed by Playtech

The final point is this – Virtue Fusion is owned by a massive gambling enterprise, and this enterprise is Playtech. So, when you’re looking for Virtue Fusion bingo sites, you’re really looking for Playtech bingo sites. The fact that they’re backed by the power of Playtech means that they’ve got the resources to continually keep innovating, meaning that you should find loads of new and interesting games to excite you. You should also find that there are loads of other games found at any Virtue Fusion bingo site, such as Playtech slots, which are regarded as some of the best in the world.

So, there you have it – four reasons why it really does pay to play at Virtue Fusion online bingo sites. To find the best Virtue Fusion site for you, just head over to our dedicated Virtue Fusion page, which has a list of the best Virtue Fusion sites around – there’s almost certainly the perfect site for you there!


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